Behavior modifying demons

Behavior modifying demons

There are many people entrapped by the demonic. More then even exorcists would care to admit. They are classified depending on what the purpose of the demons are at that point. There are blatantly entrapped people, and there are subtle. In this particular group of people the demons affecting them tend to alter their base characteristics. This is evident in many cases I’ve come across. Eventually their personalities become so deranged they can no longer function normally in society. Not only is the behavior they exhibit damaging to themselves but those around them.

They often do things they know is wrong. Not just morally in general. But that the action hurts themselves as well. They are so influenced by the demonic they often have unnatural affections and attractions to certain people. Then their presence is used to damage the person.

Demonic involvement is obvious in these cases. In the beginning it isn’t, but as the demonic works on them their behavior becomes more and more irrational. They make decisions based on “feelings” ( a medium the demonic work through) or do things and not understand why. It makes no more sense to them then it does to those around them.

If you carefully observe people in such cases you’ll see it is blatantly demonic, the demonic does not often hide their presence. As most ignore the signs to begin with.

The point.

The point of this demon is to create a damaged individual who vents their frustrations on others. Causes trouble for others. Sets traps for others. They often attach themselves to one or multiple individuals. This is an unnatural attraction. An obsessive attraction to an individual or group that makes no rational sense. Once a relationship is established they use the entrapped person to destroy the person they are attracted too.

What do I do?

Avoid emotional involvement with these individuals. Pray for them yes, but do not get entrapped by them while working to free them. They tend to be very manipulative. Do not fall for their traps. Keep your wits about you. Pray over soul ties. As there are multiple demonic lines and chains that function in this field identify which behavioral modification demon line is working on them and bind it. Pray for healing for the person as well. If possible an anointment with holy oil may be required for the healing. As the person becomes free, the demons will become more and more angry, and it will show through the victims actions. Lashing out and attacking may occur. Be prepared for that.

4 thoughts on “Behavior modifying demons

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