How the False Christ will gain control in the last days

How the False Christ will gain control in the last days

by michelle

Ok, … now what happens is the the Kundalini spirit infiltrates the church first. This is basically already happened in the Charismatic group, and is about to happen in mainstream denominations, not just in the Charismatic ones. This spirit will set a person up to accept the false appearances and manifestations of the false Christs. It all ties together with the enforcers coming to dole out provisions and being all benevolent in order to help people with survival etc. They will in essence become providers and replace the True Provider (Jehovah Jirah) in a person’s life. It is spiritual and physical. It is all about filling a need within the person. What ever that need may be at the forefront at the time. Spiritual emptiness or physical need. The false Christs will fill up the hollows of spiritual life, and the enforcers will fill up the hollows of physical life. They are coming as angels of light. How could a person argue with someone “feeding and clothing those in need”? Or who will question when the instruction is to just visualize this “Jesus”, and meditate on peace? This is the deception that the Lord was talking about in that prophecy.

This is the conclusions I have come to anyway, and impressions that I have had while accumulating and thinking about all of this stuff together trying to figure out how it all fits together.

*From my experience here: The demons will not appear physically until the person has been influenced and deceived enough in their own minds to accept the deception. This is what is going on in the church today. The Kundalini spirit is preparing the people spiritually to accept the appearance and direction of the false Christs that are coming. With the focus on “show me the money” in signs and wonders, the people will think that God has arrived. The physical characteristics is a huge player in it.

Now, these false Christs will be able to manifest and take on the same physical form. This is why the debate about units…because several demons under horus can come together and appear as Christ… and can duplicate it all over the world. They will be able to get away with it because who is really going to question if “Jesus” appears in more than one place because after all he is God and can do what ever he wants.

Not sure exactly how everything ties in together, but that is what I do know to be the truth.

Will get those counters out to you as soon as possible.



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