My experience with portals

My experience with portals

Portals do exist..all over the face of the earth and space. I know this to be fact in my own experience. However I do not expect you take my word for it until you have to deal with one. This is more of a testimony then anything else…and is close to the facts as I can make it.

The first thing I remember of my experience with portals is my older brothers words. “there’s a portal in the attic, don’t let anyone go up there, there is a little ghost girl guarding it. If you go up there you might scare her away and monsters can come through.”

back then I knew nothing about deliverance..I knew nothing about the spiritual. I was in bondage myself. But didn’t know it. I thought my older brother was lying, mocking how gullible and naive I was. But I tucked the information away anyway…just in case I thought…

we had taken over my older brothers house, he had been living with roommates in the city since he was 17 and we had moved down south. But my dad lost his job so we had to move again. We moved up north again and visited my older brother..he invited us to take over his house, he wanted to move to a new place. “to many bad memories in this house” he had said.

About a year in some stuff happened that lead me and my dad to start studying deliverance. It was my battle to become free of the demonic that lead us to do that actually…during study, we became aware of such a thing as portals… and became aware of the demon lines responsible for portals..

through study with another who had personal experience with portals I’ve gathered some facts about portals that is in another article under portals.

As we studied I had forgotten the words my older brother had spoken…but they will be pinocle in times ahead.

I started hearing voices…not like voices through the gift of prophecy. But like physical people inside and outside our house. I asked dad to pray over it and fights broke out all down the street in a wave, like the bound demons were throwing a tantrum as they were run off the property.

More voices again a few days later…this time I was warned of a wizard attack…written about under the occult section.

They seemed to be trying to get a grip in somewhere but couldn’t get it quite right.

Then the wizard showed up…he came through the portal in the attic, and so did a troop of demons behind him. They tormented me relentlessly. I couldn’t sleep..

I started feeling drugged up, not like I was high, but slightly numb and fuzzy minded. I also started hallucinating. When I eyes were open I’d see a vivid green leaf with dew on it. And strange symbolic visions when my eyes were closed.

My ceiling started morphing, it looked distorted and warped with black swirls all over it.

It was during this time that the lord sent another prophecy. Stating that I was lost inside the portal and that I required assistance to get out.

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