why Horus is being promoted

As parts fall into place

Written by traveler

It does not happen often but every now and again I get the closest thing that can be called a revelation come about. In this case I have been gathering up a lot of random information and observations over the past couple of years which have just all started to fall into place so as to reveal a coherent picture of what is really going on behind the scenes.

From a part of a prophecy received a few days ago it was revealed that as the churches of Mammon fell so the churches would replace the prosperity gospels with an occult one and even further down the line the churches, or at least what was left of them would be gradually indoctrinated into Islam.

Some time ago it was also revealed that there is a form of replacement theology taking place and that Horus, an old Egyptian pagan deity, was being promoted as a replacement for Jesus as the Christ.

Added to that we have known for a while that the occult has been making huge inroads into the churches and that false Prophets and false Apostles have risen up the ranks so as to gain positions of authority and influence within the churches of many different denominations. Much of the visualization techniques and faith in faith doctrines all stem from this. It is promoting a reliance and dependance on the development of self instead of a submission and obedience to God.

Added to this is the phenomenon where Jesus the Son of God has been replaced with a Jesus that is God himself, as a doctrine which is in blatant disregard for even the most basic and simplest to understand scripture references. The promotion of this doctrine based on just 4 or 5 verses quoted out of context while ignoring a minimum of over 100 that state otherwise just defies all logic. But it is happening indicating a massively strong delusion settling over these churches. Something as enforced as this has to be demonically inspired and upheld.

While looking at all these seemingly random situations the penny dropped and satans game plan to get the saints out the way and reestablish Lucifer as the god of this world like it was before the crusifixtion all fell into place.

Here is how it all ties together.

We now know that the end objective is to destroy the churches and convert them all to Islam. Islam comes under the demon Haran who is better known as the pagan god Allah. Islam results in a famine of the word of God. Where ever Islam is, the word of God is removed and his followers beheaded and the Koran promoted at the point of the sword. Once the Muslim religion is installed there is no longer any access to the word of God at all. Unless you want to loose your head.

Now in order to achieve this you need two things. The first is to get into a position of leadership over the church where the word of God and be corrupted and the flock led astray. And the second is that you have to introduce a christ that will make the conversion of the church from Christianity to Islam look like the natural thing to do. But to do this you need a Christ that is the god over everything just like Allah is supposed to be or the Christians won’t buy into it. So enter Horus the other Christ. It makes no difference if he is called Jesus as it will just be another name added to the list of other names given to him over the years, so long as the attributes that he is supposed to represent remain with him.

Now at this stage of the game we have two different Christs being promoted. The first Christ is the only begotten Son of God who is in service to God his Father and in submission to him as well. The second is a Christ that is God himself that came to earth to hang on the cross himself for the remission of our sins. Now obviously only one of these two Christs is the real one and the other is false.

The first one is the real one that did exactly what his Father instructed him, even unto death and the second one is Horus that is the one the saints are being taught and cohered to embrace. In fact the wolves are teaching the flock to embrace quite a number of other individuals as pre incarnate forms of Christ with the idea that at the end of the day Horus can hand Jesus back his crumpled used up name after he has already stolen his bride and convinced them through the promotion of the old Egyptian texts to call him by his real name again. Of course the deceived will believe that this christ Horus is god himself because christ is god and this new christ will lead them into the fold of Islam simply by using other names for it. It’s all just a big exercise in double speak and name substitution.

The white witches that have risen to the top positions in the church as false Apostles and Prophets will be giving all the signs and wonders that the demonic hordes behind them will empower them with, so as to mimic the gifts of the spirit just as the high priests in Pharaoh’s court duplicated all the warnings that Moses gave like turning water into blood etc. But at the end of the day the scriptures will end up being ignored and then pushed aside just as the instructions in the scriptures on how to test the spirits have been pushed aside and debunked now. Once the exercise is completed the scriptures will not even be available but will have been replaced with all the old writing recovered from the ruins of the old civilizations that worshipped the old pagan gods that the Israelites were told to push out the land they were to go into and inherit.

That is the intent that Satan hopes to achieve.

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