The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Written by Traveler

A Look at the Background.

What you are about to read here is one of those items that you can either accept or reject as you see fit. But it will cause you to stop and think about world affairs in a new light. It will probably also cause you re-assess your place in it.

We have all, for the most part, been brought up to view the world along the lines of good guys and bad guys. We are the good guys and those people over there with those funny ideas and ways and big armies are the bad guys. Who the good guys are and who the bad guys are depends on what part of the world we are born into. If you are born in the west then the bad guys are those communists in the east and if you are born in the east then the bad guys are those capitalists in the west. The same thing goes for tribal dictatorships in the south and the old colonial powers in the north. You get the idea, there are always things like ideologies or cultures that divide us in one form or another.

Now here comes the kicker. If someone writes an article or historical record it normally reflects the view point of the author. No matter how objective the author may wish to be they cannot but help view the subject that they are writing about through there own value system. That’s just the way it is! Now the book of revelations may have been physically penned by a man, but the author was God. John was only recording what he had been shown, but it was God that decided the order of the events that were shown to him and in what manner they were shown. It is therefore necessary to understand that the prophecies that are recorded in the book of revelations are written from Gods point of view, not ours. As this was also supposed to be a closed book for the end of the age, it must also be understood that the prophecies in it are written in an encrypted form that can only be understood by the generation to whom it applies. Rather like writing a letter to someone close to you in such a way that only the recipient would be able to understand the meaning of what you were saying because they posses the same background information as yourself.

Now from Gods point of view the earth is filled with people that are either submissive to him or against him. Individual people that either accept Christ or keep his law as opposed to individual people who rebel against his Son and reject his law or get cosy with Satan whom he cast out of heaven. From Gods point of view there is no in between. From the scriptures it is quite obvious that there are no nations that he considers good as scriptures state that all the nations are under the controlling influence of Satan. The only exception to that is the nation of Israel whom God refers to as his Inheritance because of the covenant he made with Abraham, but even they have come under judgment and been scattered since the days of the Roman Empire because of their sinful ways. They have only been gathered together again as a nation in these last days in preparation for the tribulation that will follow the end of the church age or age of grace. The reason God set in place a plan of salvation and sent his son to take men’s punishment for them on the cross was because he considers the nations of this world so sinful that they will all need to be destroyed and removed. Hence the church age where individual people can be saved or rescued through grace from the impeding judgments to come. God instructed that the gospel of salvation was to be preached through out the earth to all people of every language so that as many as possible can be rescued from the judgments that must surely come.

So please understand that when the pieces of the puzzle are put together and it reveals that which dents ones national pride or belief system, that these prophecies are Gods prophecies and are given from his view point and will come to pass regardless of who’s value system gets destroyed along the way. All I can say is that this is what is going down and I have given you the warnings. Prepare for it as best you can or turn the other way and call me what you will, but it is so plain that it seems like someone from our time was thrown two thousand years into the past and they left an encoded message that only other people from this time could understand and accept as a warning of what is to come to pass in our generation.

The position of the 4 horsemen in the time line of events.

As bad as the prophecy of the Apocalypse is, it is not by any means the worst to come. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse merely represents the chain of events leading up to the end of the church age or the end of the age of grace. This present age ends in the rapture or collecting of those who have been redeemed or bought back from out of the worlds system. It is followed by the Great Tribulation culminating in the final battle of Armageddon in the valley of Megiddo in northern Israel. In essence, the going out of the four horsemen represents the beginning of sorrows before the blowing of the trumpets that occur during the tribulation, where Gods judgments are poured out on those remaining on the earth. The nations involved in the Apocalypse will not be the same nations that will be left in a position of world dominance during the tribulation years. The current world leading nations will be so beaten down by the apocalyptic wars that they will only be shadows of their former selves, thus allowing the European Union and the nations east of the Euphrates river to rise to prominence during the tribulation years that follow.

Dissecting the Prophecies of the four Horsemen.

Taken from the book of Revelations in the New Testament, Chapter six.


  1. And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals. And I heard one of the living creatures, like a sound of thunder, saying, Come and see.
  2. And I saw, and behold, a white horse! And the one sitting on it had a bow. And a crown was given to him, and he went out overcoming and that he might overcome.[/quote]

The going forth of the rider on the white horse marks the beginning of the last days. The crown that was given to him indicates that this rider represents a recognized kingdom or governing body of a nation. Now this rider that represents a recognized kingdom or nation is riding out into the world with the intention of overcoming other nations. You only overcome other nations if you have the intention of subduing them to your will, or bringing them under your direct control or sphere of influence..

Now there is nothing here to indicate that the other nations are being conquered purely by military means. They can be conquered by economic means, manipulations, through deceit and intrigue. You can coerce other smaller nations through economic pressures to join your club and adopt a collection of laws that have high sounding values with greater moral interests, after which the unfortunate nation can be controlled through the rule of law and directed towards the desired goals that have been set forth by the rider of the first white horse. If the smaller nation should deviate from the path that it has been directed to, then the rider of the white horse will have the moral high ground as this little nation has broken the law and offended the rest of the club of nations. Get the picture? Then military force can be used to whip the offending nation back into line and the government replaced with that which is more co-operative. The other club nations being more interested in their own economic well being! After all the rule of law must be maintained.

Now the weapon that the rider of the white horse is carrying is also very interesting. It is a bow. The instrument used to launch the old fashioned missile of biblical times.

Now in order to identify who the rider of the white horse is representing, certain criteria needs first to be met by this figure of prophetic verse.

  1. This rider with a crown needs to represent a nation that is powerful enough to even contemplate expanding its sphere of control on a world wide scale.
  1. This nation must actually have the desire to expand and promote its belief and ideological system around the world. Its people must believe that they are the best and the rest of the world should copy their kingdom, nation or civilization. In other words they must have the motivation to do this.
  1. This nation needs to have the means of communications available to it with which to sway the harts and minds of the other nations in the world to its point of view. In other words a good control of the news media and something like Hollywood to promote its greatness and ideological rationale to the other nations of this world.
  1. This nation needs to have the economic means available to it to accomplish this task so as to maintain and enforce its gains while out competing any rival power. It will want to have its own currency to be the most desired by the other trading nations and used as the tender through which all world trade is carried out and the standard against which other currencies are compared.
  1. This nation must have the military strength to take on any other nation that would stand against it.
  1. There needs to be something significant about the colour white as the first horseman is identified as riding a white horse.
  1. The war it engages in that will take peace from the earth will have to be against an organization that is not represented by any form of crown. In other words it will succeed in overcoming the nations that are represented by legitimate governments or crowns. But the enemy that it cannot overcome will not be a recognized nation.

Now when you make up a list of criteria that must be met, then the number of possible contenders for the first horseman of the Apocalypse becomes rather short. So lets look at the possible contenders.

  1. The British Empire. This falls short because they never had the will to overcome the other nations of the world. Basically the empire developed during a state of absent-mindedness and they gave it away as soon as it started to cost them too much in favour of forming a common wealth.
  1. The Spanish or Portugese Empires. Here the motivation was greed. They expanded in search of Gold or trade routes. They established colonies where the going was good so as to give infrastructure to their trade routes, or in the case of South America. The looting of Inca and Aztec gold. They had not the inclination to dominate and rule over the other nations so much as to loot them and bring the booty back to the home kingdom. Their influence only remains because the country men that they exported to occupy the foreign lands rebelled and took independence from the king in order to make their own kingdoms where they were in control.
  1. The old USSR. Again this falls short because the communist party in Russia was more interested in exporting their ideology than having direct control over other nations. They would form, establish and finance liberation movements all over the third world and once the incumbent capitalist governments were defeated and the liberation movement became the establishment, then they would have like minded nations all around the world. They never wanted to have dominance over the rest of the world they simply wanted to ensure that the rest of the world was friendly to them. They came to power through the Bolshevik revolution and that is what they exported. Their workers revolution.
  1. Nazi Germany. Now this comes close in some respects but no cigar. True they did go into a way that took pease from the earth, but it was against other nations that were represented by crowns. Hitler did want to dominate other nations and the colour white was represented in his master race, but he was more of a foreshadow of things to come. As the White horseman overcomes the rest of the nations he will not take pease from the earth. That only happens when he is opposed by the second red horseman that is not represented by a crown. Hitler had to fight for every bit of territory that he held.
  1. The European Union. Again this falls short because this is a rather exclusive club. You have to be a part of Europe to join. They are not interested in expanding beyond their geographical area.
  1. The United States of America. Here all criteria is met.

Some years ago it was said to me, “The Bible prophecies can’t be very accurate, look at the USA. It is the greatest power in the world yet the bible does not mention it once, How can that be”. Well, the USA is mentioned in the Bible as a predominate figure. Only, not in a good way. True, you can point to the US and highlight all its sins. You can also do that to the rest of the countries in the world as well. But wether the Americans want to be involved in this or not is immaterial. Circumstances have cast them in this situation and they will fulfill their destiny, simple as that. Their need for oil and greed for life’s luxuries will ensure it!

It is interesting to note that the leader or president of the USA lives in a building called the white house, which is known of all around the world as the traditional seat of power for the greatest nation on earth. It is therefore only fitting that the rider of the white horse should ride out of the white house. Ironic, isn’t it!

Right from its conception the US has had the belief in its “Manifest Destiny.” At first this was the belief that it was destined to expand from the Atlantic coast all the way to the Pacific coast. This belief lessoned a bit after the Canadians invaded the place and burnt down the White House and US treasury, but that was settled with the establishment of the permanent boarder between the US and Canada as it exists to this day. However, after the US acquired further territories in the form of Islands in the Pacific and Carribean the idea of its Manifest Destiny to continue expanding its territories resurfaced. The scripture did not say that it was a bad thing to do, just that it would run into opposition that would take pease from the earth. After all it all depends on how you do it, wether it is a willing submission or sale or a hostile take over. Either way the will to expand is there!

The next thing to look at is the promotion of the USA to the rest of the nations of the world. It was Hollywood that brought into existence the “American Dream.” The American film industry has expanded to the point where it now covers the entire globe and the product that it puts out portrays the American way of life. To demonstrate just how far it has reached is typified in the following story. I was driving along a dirt road in the middle of no where in Africa when I pulled over for a rest. Painted on a large rock bolder was the words, “ Sue Ellen killed JR.” Now TV transmissions don’t even reach that area but someone who was travelling between towns had written it. The American way of life as presented by Hollywood permeates every where. Of course this has resulted in other nations trying to copy the American way of life and a steady stream of immigrants coming to the American shores to try and achieve their dreams. It is only when they get here that they discover that they will spend the rest of their days flipping burgers and cleaning toilets. However the USA does have the means to promote its ideology to the rest of the world and sway the hearts and minds of all other nations.

Now lets take a look at the way the economic infrastructure is maintained. It is here that the USA has cultivated its own opposition. After world war 2 the world bank was set up in order to help rebuild Europe. Later it was expanded to help develop many other third world countries. On the surface it would appear that this was a very kind and generous gesture that highlights Americas benevolence and care for those less fortunate than themselves. The only problem is that the money is lent in the form of US $ and therefore has to be paid back in the form of US $ with interest. For a small third world country to repay these loans, they need to sell all their export products for the US $ as they have no other way of obtaining this currency to service their loans from the world bank based in Washington. After all, they wish to play by the rules and not default in there repayments. This has lead to the US $ being the most desired currency on the face of the globe. Now the borrower becomes subservient to the lender which is the start of the white horses sphere of control as it slowly overcomes the rest of the worlds economies, while gradually converting them to its own. It could be said that the yanks are by far the best monopoly players. But it does not stop there. Along comes the IMF or International Monetary Fund.

Now all a little third world country needs in order to run into trouble is to have one years drought or flood that causes a crop failure and they will not have the exports needed to earn the US $ ‘s needed to service their loans. When this happens the IMF comes in to “help” them out. They will cover over the repayment but with conditions called structural adjustment programs. Now these SAP’s basically require the country to open up their economies for more international trade and investment. Normally by American owned companies. They are encouraged to move away from the gold standard as backing for their own currencies by placing their own countries legal tender in the international money markets where its value is determined by its demand as compared to the other world currencies. Because they are not demanding their own currencies as payment for their own countries exported goods there will of course be no demand for their own currencies so it will not have any value in the international markets. Now when a countries currency loses its value it is devalued with the result that a process of hyper inflation takes place with in those countries. This totally wrecks a countries economy thus unleashing much of the social unrest that you see in the world to day. Once the country has descended to this level it becomes extremely easy to dominate and manipulate. It has been overcome. What can the local government of that nation do. They can’t very well tell the world bank to up yours and take a hike. It’s backed by the US and the US has the biggest club wielded by the largest army on the block.

The French Emperor Napoleon made this mistake. He could defeat any other army in Europe and did, but when all the armies got together as one he was screwed. Make no mistake that this is happening. When the world trade centres in New York came down it demonstrated very nicely just how much control the US has gained over world trade. It basically brought everything to a halt and the international trade has never really fully recovered yet!

I can carry on like this forever but you get the picture. The United States is the first white horseman of the Apocalypse that went forth with the deliberate intention of being number one in the world and it takes great pride in being the worlds main super power. They believe that there culture is the best and hold it up for everybody else to emulate. They look down on the other nations of the world as being inferior to themselves.

As I have already stated, they cannot but help to fulfill their Manifest Destiny and that’s all there is to it. But keep in mind that where there is a winner, there of necessity needs to be a looser. And there are now one hell of a lot of sore but destitute looser’s in this world that have the will and desire to hit back in a fit of revenge.

The second horseman of the Apocalypse.


3 And when he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, come and see,

  1. And another horse went out, Red, And it was given to the one sitting on it to take pease from the earth, and that they should slay one another. And a great sword was given to him .[/quote]

Before continuing there is something that I wish to bring to your attention. Three hundred years ago Europe was ruled by its respective Royal Families. Civilization could have taken any number of turns or directions leading to our present time. But for whatever reason we went the democratic route with temporary elected leadership, not hereditary rule. Now the book of revelations was written two thousand years ago and we see its predictions unfolding right before our eyes. Because this is a Biblical prediction people are expecting to see sudden dramatic events. But these events are coming about through the normal course of world events or daily grind. World events are just developing in such a way that the events described in this two thousand year old prophecy, concerning the apocalypse, is becoming reality. As are many other prophecies concerning the last days. What we have here is a warning that everything is going to blow up in our faces, but it is also quite obvious that the only people that will pay any attention to it are those who have a religious pre-disposition with the result that they will be the only ones physically and psychologically prepared for it.

Now the rider of this red horse is very interesting. This rider does not have a crown which means that it does not represent any kingdom or nation that is recognized among the nations of the world. This prophetic verse states that these two riders on these two horses should slay one another indicating that the attention of these two riders will be focussed on each other with the intention of destroying each other. The battle that they will engage in will take pease from the earth which indicates that the battle will be on many fronts and many nations will become entangled in it. So in comes world war three! This Red rider is given a great sword which indicates a low tech, short range weapon, but one that can do a great deal of damage.

The rider of the first white horse is certainly powerful enough to take on any other nation in the world and defeat it. But now it is confronted with an enemy that is not represented by any nation and that it is able to take pease from the earth. In essence the yanks have found themselves lashing out at shadows and the more restrictive the laws they make to get a handle on the situation, the more enemies they cultivate. There is no indication as to whom the winner in this conflict is going to be, which indicates that they will keep at it until neither side is capable of dealing a blow to the other anymore. This points to devastation covering a large area of the globe. Truly it will become an appalling Apocalypse!

Normally when war is declared it is between nations but now for the first time in history war has been declared against terrorism. Terrorism is not represented by any one country but has toppled many governments in many countries. It is an ideology. It is a grass roots movement that respects no law of any country so it can’t be controlled through any rule of any law. Only force of arms. At the moment it may appear to be propagated by Muslim extremists belonging to the Arab regions of the world but it in fact goes far further than there. Practically every impoverished third world country is behind them. The first rider reached too far and left too many casualties in its wake. All the peasants of these third world countries have stood by helplessly as they have sunk further and further into destitution while their representative governments have done nothing to help them but rather lined their own pockets. The promotion of these terrorist organisations to prominence on the world stage has acted as a bugle call to arms and many are flocking to their side. Lets face it, the peasants of all these third world countries don’t exactly have much to live for, nothing left to loose and the hope of something to gain if they can get out from under the yoke of globalization.

Truly the second red horse of the apocalypse has been set loose and is even now starting to gain momentum as it begins to start off on its latest quest to free the world of imperialist oppression. The rider of the red horse has an almost endless supply of volunteer followers unrestricted by national boundaries or laws, that he can throw at his enemy in an effort to destroy. Truly pease is being taken from the earth as you read this and no nation has the power to stop it as it is a grass roots movement of the people that no longer give any credit to any government.

What is so very significant here is the colour Red. When you talk about a red you are talking about a communist. A few decades ago the word red was used as a slang term for a Russian but now it applies to any communist country. ie; Red China as opposed to Nationalist China. Now the white horse is the campion of the free world or the capitalistic nations. The capitalists and the communists have instinctively hated each other right from the start. Just because the White House won the cold war, it does not mean that the communist ideology that the Reds stood for passed away with the old Soviet Union. After all, the revolution is still celebrated every May Day on May the 1st in Red Square, Isn’t it? If fact May day is still celebrated all over the third world to this day. The workers revolution is still very much alive and retold at the fireside stories to the new generations by the heros of the last.

So how does communism tie in with terrorism? Or global terrorism for that matter! When the Soviets exported their workers revolution they also exported the knowledge of how to implement and conduct a peasant orientated revolution. All through the last half of the 1900’s the European nations lost their colonies in the third world. Portugal, the nation that established its colonies first in the 1600’s while looking for a trade route to India. Was the last to loose control of its territories in the 1970’s. Of course the fighting in its former colonies continued for over a decade because the citizens of those territories didn’t actually want a communist liberation movement ruling over them, but they all succumbed in the end. Finally all those already independent third world nations that were ruled by the decedents of the original European colonizers were liberated. South Africa being the last in the 1990’s. Now it makes absolutely no difference wether you condemn or condone all these little liberation struggles to free the oppressed masses. The bottom line is that before these countries were governed by those who were pro west and now they are all governed by those who are pro communist. The White Horseman representing the west has been isolated by the Reds. Control through economic domination will only work for as long as every body continues to play by the rules.

All the inhabitants of these recently liberated countries still remember their own liberation wars. It is still fresh in their minds and they all saw how a small revolutionary movement took on a well armed and well established government that had control of the law and defeated them. They have confidence that no matter how big and powerful their enemy is, they will be able to break them. One small piece at a time over many years until there is nothing left of their adversary. Basically it is a case of “workers of the world unite”.

Now right before you, you can see that the ground work for the fulfilment of this prophecy has already been laid. That is why the war between these two horsemen has already begun. FROM HERE ON OUT IT CAN ONLY GROW IN INTENSITY.

The third horseman of the Apocalypse.


5 And when he open the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, come and see. And I saw, and behold, a black horse, and the one sitting on it having a balance in his hand.

6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying. A choenix of wheat for a denarius and three choenixes of barley for a denarius: and do not harm the oil and the wine.[/quote]

Normally during a time of war there are shortages and a disruption of economic services. As a general rule of thumb this is most noticeable in and around the geographical area of the actual fighting. But here it will be on a world wide scale. Many countries that have never experienced the destitution of war will be ravaged by it. This third horseman definitely points to a time of rationing for all. The fact that the oil and wine are mentioned indicates that it is still there, but beyond the reach of the people. That means that the rationing will be caused by a lack of income or afford-ability on the part of the general population as a whole. One days wage is one days wheat, which is the good food. Or one days wage is three days barley, which is the poor food. This can be expected as all the worlds trade and economies have been tied into the US $ in greater or lesser degrees. In essence the world has placed all its economic eggs in one basket. As the white horsemen is the main focus of the war it is quite obvious that this economic basket will be kicked over and there is not much left untethered to pick up the slack remaining in the rest of the world. World trade will become sporadic and uncoordinated. This takes no stretch of the imagination. All that needs to be done is for the world trade organization to be hit a few more times like it was during 911 and everything will fall to pieces. The worst part being that those best qualified to run it are the ones that get blown up with it, resulting in a very sudden but dramatic and permanent brain drain in the area of world trade.

Now the colour Black is very significant in two ways. The first being the example of what things will be like and the other is the colour of the commodity that keeps everything running.

The part of the third world that has been the worst affected by both the Reds exporting of their workers revolution and the White House’s policy of economic control is Black Africa. You have all seen the pictures on your television sets of the starving masses or the refugees fleeing some war or other. All these nations have borrowed money from the world bank and all have suffered the effects of hyper inflation. To give an example. In 1979 it used to cost $3.00 to post a letter from Rhodesia to the USA. In 1980 Rhodesia became Zimbabwe after it was handed over to Mugabe’s ZANLA liberation movement by the British. It now costs over $1200.00 to post a letter to the USA. That is inflation way out of control. Of course salaries never kept pace and the old age pensioners are dropping like flies because they can’t afford to live on a pension that can no longer buy a single loaf of bread. The same thing happened in Zambia and Mozambique or any other number of sub Saharan countries in black Africa. Now what has happened in Black Africa is both a warning and an example of what is coming to the rest of the world. This type of poverty will no longer be something that you will watch with detachment on your television screen. This will be what will be happening to you, it will become your reality as it slowly engulfs the rest of the world. Poverty of Biblical proportions!

The next significant thing about the colour black is that it is the colour of crude oil. The oil wars have already started to rumble as the worlds oil reserves have already peaked. I’m sure I do not have to explain to you what will happen to an industrialised nation when the oil supply is cut off. The cities die and industry evaporates. All the jobless people migrate to the country from the cities where they hope to find some patch of land to scratch on where they can grow their own food. Now you understand how the poverty of Africa can come to the developed world. Of course law and order will break down. The law of survival supercedes the law of the land, simple as that!

The fourth horseman of the Apocalypse.


  1. And when he opened the fourth seal, I heard a voice of the fourth living creature saying, Come and see.
  2. And I saw, and behold , a pale green horse, and the name of the one sitting on it was death; and Hades followed after him. And authority was given to them to kill over the fourth of the earth with sword, and with famine, and with death, and by the wild beasts of the earth.[/quote]

This war that has already started between the first two horsemen and the world wide economic collapse that will follow is going to result in over a quarter of the worlds population perishing. This gives some idea of the scale of destruction that we all stand on the brink of.

This last, fourth horse is the last horseman to go out but it is not the last of the seals to be opened.

However the colour green is very interesting. There is starting up in our current generation a green movement which is centred around environmentalism. The call from this movement is that the worlds population is too high and that it needs to be dropped by five and a half billion souls to become sustainable. It is little wonder that this horse is called death!

Thoughts in Conclusion.

Even as I wrote this I realized that there would be a lot of opposition because of national pride, as no one wants to hear that their country is portrayed in scripture in such a light, but consider this.

In no place did the scripture either condemn or condone the actions of the nations or organisations involved in these events. The scriptures simply explained world events to wards the end of the age, (or last days if you prefer) in such a way that it would only make sense to that generation for whom it was meant

The fact that these events have already started and are now well under way is given as a warning. Humanity Has Run Out Of Time. The age of grace is coming to an end and this generation living now will see it. What follows is a massive persecution against the churches which will basically wipe out the Christian faith altogether. After which will follow cosmic disturbances and earth changes leading up into the rapture. Now is the time to issue the warnings and explain plainly the gospel of salvation to the people around us in this last home stretch. Soon even talking about this subject will be impossible.

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