The Reign of the Alien Enforcers

The Reign of the Alien Enforcers

written by traveler

A time begins. A very dark and ominous threat is coming to pass. This threat is that of a prison of the mind where thoughts are read and thoughts are given by those that enslave the collective. This form of communication by those who bow and worship a strange god has not been known since the beginning of time. These beings from another time and another space have come into our world. They will be welcomed more and more. Most humans will believe them to be benevolent in all of their ways.

During this time, the war in the Americas with the Shadow Government’s Red Army has taken it’s toll, and has achieved the objective of rendering the once prosperous nations into desolation. What the Red’s did not realize is, that out of the ashes, Saints have been born. These Saints have been purified by the fire of their Almighty God, and are ready to overcome the evil gathering by the blood of their Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, and by their own testimonies of miracles seen through the war with the Reds. In stark contrast of the Saints being strengthened, most have been crushed and are desperate for Hope, and Faith, and Love. The very things that these Saints are able to impart upon them. But, most have not accepted the truth because beings did come with a more tangible offer to give to them their every need. The Shadow Government’s gods have dealt underhandedly with them. These beings will overcome the Shadow Government and become the Alien Enforcers of the strange god that they worship.

Many are in the process of giving their minds to these creatures because of the great promise of enlightenment. The benevolence of giving to all freely for their every physical need is far too tempting of an offer for the masses to resist, and why would they want to resist when the only payment is the requirement of beginning the process of becoming enlightened? What they do not know, however, is that the enlightenment is indeed expensive for it is the cost of their very souls. What begins as a seemingly harmless and beneficial journey to obtain a higher consciousness, in reality will become an enslavement of their very being. A web of bonds that will not be broken by their own wills or powers of the mind. Through these bonds, the Alien Enforcers will rule. Through these bonds they will cause the will of their god to be done.

This story tells of the rescue of human beings that belong to the Savior. These children of the Most High that have gone astray. By the work of the Saints, there are those that will be plucked physically and mentally out of the bonds that have a hold on them. Those who are rescued will join the Redeemed for their restoration and recovery. These are the very ones that will also see the coming of the Son of God on the clouds. Their song will be “lift up your eyes for your redemption draweth nigh”. And so our story begins…


No sooner had he finished the lesson with “And through the death of One, many will be saved..” that the sound of artillery was again heard by this group of Saved Ones. No matter how many times they went through this, it still sent terror into their very hearts. The Teacher quickly guided them into their safe zone away from the noise and scenes playing out above them. There was a look of concern on his face that did not go unnoticed by the older children. The eldest of these knew what was troubling this sage, and quietly whispered “Where could they be?” In which the Teacher slowly shook his weary head as a sigh of defeat escaped his parched lips. Thirst was a way of life here in the innermost part of the vast city. They had been blessed by the Almighty with finding this place of refuge in the tunnels, but the drought had not yielded the needed liquid to sustain their growing community of mostly women, children, and growing boys. This man of God had given his last 3 portions of water to an ailing woman with child. Something would have to be done soon, or they all would perish in this God forsaken place.

Suddenly, just as if appointed by God himself, a young girl know for her boldness said, “We will pray, and God will bring my friend back”. Her friend would have been considered a mere boy only 2 years before. But at the age of 15, he had already become a man of skill. But the skill was not of the sword or the gun, but skilled in prayers and faith in his Creator, through His only Begotten. He had become a major threat to the enemy, and already in his young life, along with his group, had saved many of the prisoners that had fallen into the trap of Enlightenment. The rescuing of men was very rare as pride and jealousy kept them bound in the cords that sought these sins in order to keep the prisoners minds in captivity. As long as the Enforcers were able to keep the men in raging jealousy and pride, then Saint and his group were unable to lead them to freedom. Children were the easiest to bring out, for even in the environment that was not conductive to hope, somehow the children just believed that a Savior could save. Some women were also able to believe after seeing the miracles that followed Saint and his group. They were unable to deny that God had blessed this group with the ability to bring the Gospel to the captives. How they were undetected was a mystery, even to these Enforcers that knew all and saw all. These miracles were witnessed after this group was seen bowing and praying to their God. Through their commands, miracles happened.

This bold little girl had witnessed such miracles. She had seen what praying for the protection and cleaning of the blood of her Jesus accomplished. With her own eyes she had experienced her own mother’s release from the web that had tightly bound her. She had prayed that those cords would be severed that had been tormenting her mother for these last 15 months. Because of her prayers, her mother was able to witness the healing of her daughter, and then she accepted Jesus the Christ as her Savior.

The girl had only known about Who it was that was able to defeat this enemy because of her friend, Saint. He had seen her crying in her secret place. He had appeared to her, along with his friends, and she had been very frightened. But as he talked to her about Jesus and Who he was, she had begun to hope. And hope turned into faith. A short while later, she had been going to meet Saint, and had fell into the rubble just outside the doorway of their meeting place. The fall had caused much damage to her head and she was found unconscious by her mother who had obtained enough reality through the prayers of her daughter to realize that she was missing. The girls mother was hysterical the very moment that Saint and the others again appeared. Through the prayers of healing, the little girl was restored to health. Her mother then accepted Jesus Christ as her savior, and Saint and the others took both of them to the safe place beyond the reach of the mind controllers. This pattern of appearing and giving their testimony to whoever would hear had become a way of life for this group. Through each member the gifts of the Holy Spirit were manifested, and God did bless them wherever they went.

The Teacher prayed with the girl, and in that instant, Saint and his group appeared with 3 more youth in tow. How would they manage? With another deep sigh, the Teacher led them into the tunnel. There was a boy in this band that seemed particularly troubled. They all came to the tunnels shell shocked and damaged, but the Teacher sensed that there was something beyond normal that was wrong with the boy. He took him aside and the story that he told was one that caused the Teacher to grieve deeper than he had ever experienced to that point.

Before the war with the Shadow Government, the boys family had been very interested in spirituality and obtaining peace, harmony, and equality for all men. These were the driving principles of his Dad, Mom, and older sister. They had been very involved with practices of meditation, visualization, and had even started to astro-project. This had brought a peace into their home that had not been realized before. As the terrorist bombs had hit, and the earthquakes had devastated New Orleans, and the west coast, his family had been safe. Dad, and Mom had delved even farther into the ideas of Enlightenment to stay focused and to make a difference in the cosmic shift that they had been told was about to happen. They knew that if they could just keep balanced that all would go well for them.

Then the war started. Him and his family fled the city and became wanderers without a place to lay their heads. Picking up scraps of food as they went, and many times they were fearful of their lives. After a year of living like this, they heard that there were new facilities that were offering to take care of all the needs of those who did not have any provisions.

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