Prayer Combat

Prayer Combat

There are various methods of prayer for given situations. For combat or healing, general, repentance. Not that other kinds of prayer cannot be used in other situations it’s a case of effectiveness. The focus of the prayer. We alter the method and general template we use to suit the different focuses of the prayer.

In prayer combat there are higher risks. Now a basic prayer can be just as effective as a focussed one depending on the need where your faith is placed etc. however as a general rule the correct questions get the correct answers. You don’t ask how a shoe is made if you want to bake a cake. Neither do you ask for happiness if you need protection. So asking for the correct thing giving the desired effect is important.. There are ways this is done, but we’ll get into that later.

general rules:

The covering: is one of the lost important things to ask for, this allows us to go before the lords throne of grace. The covering is the acceptance and acknowledgment of Christ and his sacrifice before a prayer, asking for it is to kiss the son. To acknowledge him, this is the most important step.

Cleaning: after the covering always come before the lord asking for a cleaning before any requests are made. You wouldn’t trample dirt in someone elses house, so why do it to a throne room? Wait patiently for your cleaning, don’t expect an instant response.

Covering of the blood of protection:The covering extends into the realm of protection, it is extremely important to ask for this after your cleaning as it provides protection for you during and after prayer. This is extremely important while praying for others, without it you are open for attack and so are they. ask for it for you and your family, any friends, extended family, that may come under attack.

Quiet time: you wouldn’t rush through a convocation with a friend, why rush through a convocation with the lord? Take you’re time, have quiet moments..

The sword of praise: praise is pleasing to everybody, the praises are to show the lord that you are noticing his hard work and appreciate it. A prayer of praise can be extremely effective. If you have nothing to pray about or you are stumped on a subject, a prayer of praise is always appreciated..

Types of prayer combat:

dealing with demons by way of gift of prophecy:

while dealing with demons through the gift of prophecy, the testing of the spirits is extremely important. However there are some things I believe you could relate to if you have dealt with demons in this regard.

Disturbing images: as you progress, learning how to test the spirits the images they send you become more and more disturbing, the way I learned to counter this is by asking the lord to bind and cast out directly.

Put Downs: they like to put you down a lot. The idea is that you fall into a submissive behavioral pattern, you give up. You most likely are sleep deprived while you’re coming out of this. As you bind and cast out, the images become progressively more and more disturbing and the voices more and more rude and violent..expect this it gets worse before it gets better..

getting rid of them: the testing of the spirits is the first step. As a general rule, not all spirits are of the lord even if they seem to be giving you what seems appropriate.

“Has Jesus come in the flesh? Does he sit at the right hand of God the great I AM?” if they act aggressively or fail to respond, or respond incorrectly then you are dealing with a false spirit.

The next step is binding and casting out. You take authority of it and command it back the fiery depths from whence it came. To do this you first need to understand where your authority comes from and why.

Christs authority: Christ authority is what we are actually using, Do not abuse, the authority is given to us to work in the realm of betterment of the kingdom and the body in general, the moment you start abusing you will be stripped of the authority. It is not our authority that we are using but the extension of Christs.

It works in much the same relationship as a law enforcement concerning the government, When a criminal is dealing with a cop what does he do? Is he normally aggressive towards the cop or is he careful? It’s not the cop that the criminal fears but the government backing of the cop. It is the extension of the governments authority, it’s backing, that the criminal is weary off, you don’t take on a cop unless you want to take on the government. Just as you don’t disobey a direct order given in the blood unless you want to take on Christ.

The Test: there is a testing of the Christian before the extensions of the authority is given. This is to show that you are responsible, loyal enough to handle it. The test can take various forms.

The testing of the prophets: If you are called to become a prophet, you are often tested. The lord uses a sifting and burning process for this, not in a literal sense. But it what it actually does, is burn away everything undesirable to the lord. It can be harsh at times, but is well worth it. During these tests is when realizations hit, understandings come and persuades you to draw closer to the attention..

dealing with wizards/witches:

The standard is the best defense, now witches and wizards go by code names, the first step is identifying who empowers them, and you pray against their empowerment demons. You never pray against the actual person. When you pray against the empowerment that is to say the main demon empowering them, a hosing down occurs. Hosing down is a literal in a sense, all empowerment’s leave the witch or wizard and they are pushed back to their place of origin. As the general rule Sorath is the main empowering demon behind witches and wizards.

Never pray against the actual person, if you have access to a prophet, finding out their code name would be easy. If not a name may not be needed. You pray against the code name, that is to pray against the empowerment behind the person.

The method used for this is the standards method of binding and casting out.

Bind lucifer- bind him from using his circles of three command him to bind Astaroth, Azazel, Sin and El command them to bind their circles of three from operating under Sorath and bind Sorath, Lilith, Hecate from operating over the witch or wizard.

Do this often, and a hosing down will occur, they will lose their abilities and be pushed back their place of origin.

Dealing with Summoned demons:

Summoned demons are dangerous and must be dealt with extremely quickly, the longer they are in this realm the harder to get rid of them it becomes. Traditionally, when a demon is summoned, a witch or wizard stands in a pentagram for protection from the demon, christians don’t have such a luxury.

How to properly apply the method of reading your bible: demons are extremely legalistic, they know the bible. It’s not some forbidden book that they know nothing about and run screaming from it’s passages. When dealing with demons, they can and will use various methods of separation from God. This is done by cause to fall. Simply they use what you don’t know about the law to make you fall. To properly apply reading your bible apply scripture bases to what they tell you. “Steal that!” “thou shalt not steal” If you can help it don’t talk to them at all, but don’t give up your defenses of thinking or feeling.

Common misconception: Demons do not just run away when you read the bible. If anything it just makes them angry. However they do not like it.

Praying against: Remember in this type of prayer you have to be quick, as the lord to bind and cast out, or take authority over the demon command it to return to hell from whence it came, or ask the lord to bind it and cast it back into hell. Ask for any doors that may have been opened to be closed and any soul ties between you and the demon to be covered with the blood and broken.

dealing with spells:

Praying against spells is simple enough, ask the lord to cover any spells that have been cast over you with the blood of Jesus Christ and that they be broken.

dealing with demonic soul ties:

soul ties are bonds, you can have them with people, items, demons ect. The bond itself can only be made using 3 sources. yourself, you can create a bond with a person, item or idea. this is an imperfect bond. and can be manipulated by demons and darkened. Demons can create the bond, between you an item, a person or thing..this bond is very powerful, and you yourself most likely don’t understand it. soul ties are created in the spiritual realm. those who can see in the spiritual realm can see these bonds. in order to break a soul tie, you come before the lord in repentance, you ask for the soul ties to be broken. In the case of people, if the soul tie was made by you, you ask for the soul tie between you and the person to be broken and remade as his perfect bond. If it’s a person who’s bond was made by a demonic influence, you ask the lord to remove the soul tie, and no longer contact the person, if you can. You can pray for the person to be taken before the lord and saved. but to remain in contact puts you at risk of falling back into the bond and influence. If it’s over an item, you ask the lord to break the bond, and burn the item if it is demoniacally influence. this is how you get rid f the soul sucking trinket, to get try and get rid of it any other way, activates a curse that is attached to it. If it is an idea, it is most likely attached to a false perception, you use the same method of prayer to break the bond, and cast the idea away every time it pops up. If it’s a bond with a demon, you ask for it to be broken, you identify the demon, and you ask the lord to bind it and it’s influence. you use the standard for this. If you have a demonic bond, it is better to ask someone with experience in using the standard to break it for you. this can be a very frightening process.

We have to trust the Lord and His Word written in scripture. Bringing stuff out in the open is usually not a pleasant thing at all.

We follow what the Lord says, which is to get rid of all the stuff from the occult. We sever the demonic soul ties, and ask the Lord to place His bonds on us only. We pray for those who are in our family and influence. We do what is righteous to the Lord, and trust Him with those family members around us. We do not push our family away or ignore them etc, but we do have to put up our boundaries of what we will and will not do according to the Word of God.

We either stand with what God says, or we do not.

Breaking soul ties over items: Ok, what I did is renounce all ties with that sword (and other things that I found) and told the Lord I was truly sorry for being involved with those things in the first place. I told the Lord that I was grateful that Jesus died as my Savior and I also told the Lord that the only reason I was able to come to him is through Jesus’ righteousness…not my own.

I asked the Lord to sever all demonic soul ties that were using the specific thing as an inroad to my life, and asked Him to establish His righteous bond with the person that gave it to me.

I asked to be protected with the blood of Jesus as a covering upon me, and asked that the blood of Jesus would be applied over all the demonic ties that I had allowed in my life.

I also quoted the scripture that promises that anything bound on earth would be bound in heaven (I’ll leave you to look that one up), and also the scripture that says anything asked for in the Name of Jesus according to His will would be done. Obviously getting rid of idols is according to His will..

Breaking soul ties over people:“What you need to do is ask the Father in the name of Jesus to sever the soul ties with all of the people you can think of that have influenced in a dark way that drew you into this stuff.

Make a list and go through each one. Tell the Lord that you renounce your relationship with them, and ask Him to sever, and bind the soul tie from you. Tell the Lord that you apply the blood of Jesus on the soul ties, and you only want a soul tie with Him, and Him alone.

Now, I am not talking about the bonding that happens with family and people in the Kingdom of God, but I am talking about people that who have caused and helped you to go off track.”

The affects of breaking soul ties: If they are demoniacally influenced, the breaking of the bond causes hostility between them and you, or attempts to renew the bond, Items have to be burned because the bond with them is very very easy to recreate. handling the item renews the bond. so burning is required.

developing a prayer style:

now the templates are good for starters, but to know the lord is to develop a lifestyle based around him. As you develop this relationship, you also develop a prayer style unique to you.

This prayer style si like your signature as a general template to build it around this is the template I use.

“I come before you oh lord as a sinner I ask that you don’t look at my sins iniquity and shortcomings but at the blood of your son lord Jesus Christ who died so that I may come before you’re throne of grace properly.

Lord Jesus Christ I humbly ask for your covering, your coving of your blood of protection and your cleaning so that I may come before the lords throne of grace properly..and I thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Wait in silence 20 minutes.

Give thanks for sacrifice and praises of your choice

Wait in silence 10 minutes



general discussion

Silence 10 minutes

Praises, thanks


this is a very general template, you can full it up with whatever you want to, to build your own prayer template. Enjoy! This is a happy affair, to build your own prayer, enjoying it is what the lord wants us to o, it’s not supposed to be a burden.

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