Holy oil

holy oil is used for healing, and marking holy places, objects and anointing people, places and objects.


Do not abuse holy oil, it can be bad to your health. Always keep any holy oil you’ve made close at hand and safe. the occult uses it in spell casting as it is powerful. however they cannot make true holy oil, nor can they buy it, and no christian would knowingly give them any, therefor it can only be gained through deceit or theft. guard it well.

anointing people- for healing purposes, can drive out demonic.

anointing places- to anoint a place means to make it holy. it is an invitation to the kingdom of God and a banishment of the kingdom of Satan. it can be used to block the demonic from entering a certain area, if you have problems with demons in a house, firstly you must drive them back, pray a prayer of casting out through the lord by asking the lord to drive the demonic back. ask the lord for the holy oil to be a marking and protection upon the place from the demonic and their units in the physical realms as well. ask for the marking to be permanent if you need it to be.

anointing objects- for various purposes. can send a demon packing if it touches a holy object. be selective on what you anoint.  dagger anointed, is still a weapon, do you really want a weapon that sheds blood covered in something that’s meant for good? ect.

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