Strongholds are the gathering of demonic forces into a group in an organized manner around or inside a person place or thing. To be entirely honest the list of symptoms is so diverse, it’s difficult to get a gadge on any varys from person to person and which demon lines are acually involved with the stronghold. A stronghold is a gathethering of demons on a spicific target, there is demon lines that specialize in strongholds, however a stronghold can be made up of other demons as well. So it’s a tricky mess to get out of unless you look at the symtoms and desired intent of the demons themselves.





Masculine intensive from H1219; a fortress: – stronghold.





From H5462; something enclosing, that is, a margin (of a region, of a panel); concretely a stronghold: – border, close place, hole.





From a remote derivative of G2192 (meaning to fortify, through the idea of holding safely); a castle (figuratively argument): – stronghold.

Types of strongholds

There are many kinds of strongholds. The longer the person is in the stronghold the harder it is for them to break free. Do not expect instant results. Some people take years to work through the muck to get out. Do not expect this to be a clean process.

~Deliverance from strongholds~

Understanding the Lines involved

A stronghold is not cut and dry, but then no battle in the demonic is. It’s the stratigic coupling of demon lines and units working together to perform a specific task and induce wanted results in the target. A noticeable characteristic of any stronghold is that it is coupled with mental lines as well. Doubt, belief in false, doubt in true and emotional lines, confusion chains ect.

This is to keep the person isolated from help. That’s why you have people in this form of entrapment beleiving they are dealing with angels or dead people. When it’s simply the demonic trying to remain with the person to work on their personality and character, cause havoc in their personal lives or spy.

Demon lines specifc to Strongholds

Western Hem

* ? (Ochuroma – strongholds) – under Marduk

**Chax ( Logizomai – Imaginations) – under Ochuroma (strongholds)

*** ? (Krino – judgmental attitude) – under Logizomai (imaginations)

****? (Apo – excusing as in excommunicating) – Krino (judgmental attitude)

***** ? (Kategoreo – Accusations) – Apo (excusing as in excommunicating)

****** ? (Distazo – doubt) – under Kategoreo (Accusations)

******* ? (Arneomai – denial) – under Distazo (doubt)

******* Kydoimos (Akatastasia – confusion) – under Distazo (doubt)

This is the confusion chain as a follow on.

**? (Tohu – lie waste) Under Akatastasia – confusion

**? (Qalon – reproach)

**? (Kelimmah – dishonour)

**? (Kalam – confounded)

**? (Bosheth – confusion)

**? (Chapher – ashamed)

**? (Qalah – despise / lightly esteem)

**? (Choshek – darkness)

**? (Araphel – gloom)

**? (Ab – dense / cloudy)


Loose over legions

Kathairesis(pull down)

Kathaireo(cast down)

Aichmalotizo(bring into captivity)


Ekdikeo(retaliate against)

Ayin(come to nought)

Tibchah(slaughter) Psa44

Loose over subject

To loose upon the subject

Sabab(Lord to lead)

Matsa(be present)

Biyn(separate mentally)



Zakak(make clean)


Tsachach(be dazzling white)


Yaqar(make precious)

Zarach(rise up)

Kabod(Lord’s splendor)


Ischuros(be powerful)




Sunistao(be approved of Lord)





Hoplon(weapons of the Lord)

Quts(arise)Psa 44

Shuach(bow down)



Councelling methods

The longer the person is in the stronghold the harder it is for them to break free. Do not expect instant results. Some people take years to work through the muck to get out. Do not expect this to be a clean process. It’s messy and heartbreaking. That’s not to say you’ll be there for years. Your goal isn’t to free the person but help them reach the point where they can free themselves. At the end of the day, everyone stands alone. The only person you should be encourging them to rely on is the lord, not you.

What to expect

Expect to have to repeat yourself often when correcting delusions.

It is important to correct them. Talk with the Victim daily and help them develop coping skills to deal with delusions. In most cases the first thing the demons do is break down the persons natural ability to rationlize truth from fiction. They may say something you’d consider rediculous. Do not play along with the delusions, correct them wheither the person believes you or not or will forget what you said a minute later. It strengths them, and they will need that. It gives them some ammunition to work with, something that contredicts what the demons are saying.

DO NOT expect the victim to remember scripture or ask them to read their bible until they show signs of coming out of the delusional state.

As the demonic gains a mental foothold, they will twist any knowlage the person has about their standing with God according to scripture and what they have done in the past. They can literally twist the mind in such a way that the understanding of what is being said is lost in translation, the person will come under attack from their attempts to read the scripture.

The best advice I can give you in this situation is only let them read it while they are with you and expain as you go what the scripture means. Focusing on the promises of deliverance and freedom and the promises of God is the most important thing you can do. As it give the person hope.

DO NOT expect perfection

Quite often you will have to sit the person down and ask what agreements they have made with the demonic today. This will happen constantly as the demonic pushes for more and more ground in the persons life.

Free the mind then Training

In this kind of demonic attack, you will have to first help the person to reach the point where they can comprehend again. In other words bind the demonic legions involved with mind alteration and detachment from reality. As well as any other lines that are necessary to free the person. Do not expect this to be cut and dry, expect hidden lines and difficult identfication of the lines working on them.

Then you must teach them the basics of defense. How to bind cast out and loose the demons directly. You will not have to train them with the standard in order to do this. The basics of idenfication of the demonic. IE how to recognize a demon if hate and loose love over it.

Follow ups

Check up on the person daily to begin with, then weekly then monthly. As they become free they will no longer require as much attention. The point of this is to direct their attention to Christ and God for their help. You were required when they could not fight or understand what was going on. However in order to aquire victory eventually you will have to step out of the way and allow the person to rely souly on God and Christ. To step in their place is sin on your part, and creates a situation where they can come to idolize you, becoming sin for them.

Use common sense when deciding when to cut them off from your influences. To cut off to early leaves them open to relapes, and too late and they may or may not be fully reliant on you. This is why it’s so important you teach them to defend themselves through chirst and develop a relationship with chirst. It prevents relapes when you do cut them off.

Make sure you expain fully why you are cutting off contact. And make sure they understand that you do care, but they are at a point where they can hold their own, and no longer require you, but others do.

The reason we do not stay for the duration of the stronghold is it can take some people years to work through whatever got them trapped in the first place. In this case the point is not to hold their hand and walk them through every little step. But to give them a relationship with Christ and God that they can lean on. Teach them to defend themselves when the demonic pushes too hard. And give them the tools required to defend and become free in the lord.

Spreading the ability:

If the person has the mental fortitude and willingness, take them on a disciple. And train them up to free others. This is best done in person. However can be done through indirect contact such as letters or the internet.

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