The sword (bible)

The sword (bible)


How to properly apply reading your bible

In order to understand how to utilize the sword of the word properly, you must first understand the demonic stance on it.

Most demons do not run at the first sign of you reading your bible. In fact they are quite legalistic and will twist what you know of the word or take advantage of what you don’t know in order to make you fall into condemnation, sin, or self condemnation.

In order to combat this you need to understand the nature of the word. It is the irrefutable law for man in the spiritual realm. What would you do as a demon? Would you ignore this fact or try to work with it for your own goals?

In order to properly utilize this tool you need to understand it’s application purposes. You can be creative but lets start with defense.

Demons accuse or tempt into sin. Those we will consider their stabs or arrows.

In order to deal with an accusation:

First and foremost keep in mind you could very well be guilty of the crime they are accusing you of. Why would they point it out to you? Because in so doing they are creating an aware sinner, a greater crime then an ignorant one.

How do you deal with it? Take it to Christ and God and ask for forgiveness and a cleaning. Repent essentially. After you have done this utilize scripture that supports your resolve and belief in your own forgiveness. This is to confirm in your own mind and act as a support to you that you are forgiven. Whenever they accuse you of something you have repented off, quote scripture to them that supports your forgiveness. And simply bring it to mind and do study’s on for your own benefit.

Some subjects to do studies on are: Hope, Faith, Forgiveness, ect to act as an encouragement to you as well as arm you for the battle.

In order to deal with temptation:

Lets cut to the chase. We all know temptations come and go. And we all know it’s in the end, a choice whether we fall into it or not. In order to help you resist temptations you have to read about the laws of God and the meaning behind the lessons of Christ. You need to understand the law and the spirit in which it was given.

After you understand this it becomes easier to decide what falls in line with Gods will and what does not. You do not need to memorize every law, the ten commandments are easiest to remember. But understanding the hope that was passed to us along with the law and the hope that was invested in us through the law, it suddenly becomes more important to follow the law then eat of satans kingdom.

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