One of the biggest struggles you will face when attempting to free someone is apathy. That’s not to say that the person is comfortable with their entrapment but a clinging to what’s familiar and a lack of hope work together to create the perception that it is comfortable for them.

You need to build up the persons faith, the only way to do this is to direct them to Christ for hope. Every time they pray and you pray always request strength to stand and hope, faith and endurance for the person. Freedom is seldom instantaneous, but a process. That can take years to complete. This may seem daunting to some, but it’s worth it. Most people can’t remember what it was like before the demons took control of their lives. Believing they deserve the treatment given.

Keep this in mind when analyzing their behavior, do not be quick to judge but ask yourself would you do anything differently? It’s not our place to judge, but to put them in a position for Christ to deal with them and use them. We are not here to decide someones worth, but hold true in the face of temptation. Anything less and we’ve fallen into the same trap the person themselves are in.

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