What are they?

Portals are a way to travel from one place to another very quickly, or travel to different dimensions or places in the spiritual realm, they are most commonly used as a way to attack Christians or send people to attack Christians.

Classification: There are 3 main ways to wind up in a portal. Through your mind, while in you’re body, or while out of body astral projecting, through you’re soul.

Mind: In such a case your mind enters the portal, not you’re body or soul, but your mind. In such a case the effects of the portal are still felt by the person. And they will experience things in the other realms, alternative realities.

Body: In such a case the person enters the portal in their physical bodies. They can either wind up somewhere else on planet earth or wind up in an alternative dimension, somewhere in space or heaven or hell.

Soul: The person can enter the portal simply as a soul. From reports of others, if the soul and body are separated for to long the person will die. So the amount of time you spend in a portal needs to be carefully considered.

Who can travel through them: Anyone.

Christian travel: Travel through portals into the spiritual planes are strictly prohibited. Either you are given permission by a demon and under their watch or you are given permission by God and are under the protection of one of his angels as you travel. However, this is very rare case that the lord allows travel into the spiritual realms, as a general rule he does not. Do not attempt unless you are positive it’s the lord saying you should.

The signs: Portals have some major signs of being in the vicinity of one. One being you will feel drugged up, not high like on weed but you may hallucinate. And feel slightly numb. The longer you are in the portal or around the portal the more immune you will become to the portals effects.

Another thing to look out for is the ghost of a little girl. This is in actuality a demon disguised as a little girl. They are called portal guardians.

Laws: There are laws regarding portals that I don’t know or understand. Please if you find a portal, do not play with it, close it imminently.

The Trap: There is an old trick of the devil that is so sinister I cannot fathom who came up with it. That is the devil steals souls before they die and try to process them into hell before the rest of creation has time to react. This is done by unwitting souls or physical people stumbling into portals. They are then captured and dragged off to “The Caldron” hells waiting room. The lord has recently stated that the devil has been taking living people off to this Caldron. And some still in their physical bodies.

I do not need to tell you the seriousness of this, and I think it gives you an idea of the dangers of portals.

Demon lines for portals:

Mind / portal line . This deals with the actual transport of demons / wizards etc. crossing the veil.

*?(Malkuth – royal court) – under Scirlin and Tephras

**?(Peniymiy – inner court)

***?(Chiytson – outer court)

****?(Chatser – yard)

*****?(Pethach – pening / gate)

******?(Chayits – wall)

*******?(Chuts – streets / abroad)

How to close a portal:

Pray and ask for the portal to be shut, ask for those above legions to be bound from operation in the vicinity where the portal is located using the Standard method of binding.

If the need is dire, you can plead the blood of Christ over the portal and ask it to be shut. Much in the same manner as breaking soul ties or agreement.

How to pull someone out of a portal:

Mind portal- pray over the legions of altered states of consciousness as well as legions of the portal lines. Ie the play on emotions lines, the repeated cycles line, the false understanding line, the belief unbelief lines ect. These lines will put the person in a deluded state where they cannot function enough to know what to pray for.

Spiritual portal- pray over the legions of the portal lines above, but also ask for the person to be brought back to their place of origin, ask for the astral projection lines to be bound from the person, ask for protection for the person, the lords hand to be in it guiding them back home.

Physical portals- I do not have any experience in this, so I would highly recommend praying to the lord to lead you to the information you need, or send someone with more experience.

Please remember, it’s God who’s doing all this for you, all you are doing is requesting the information..give him the glory he deserves.

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