moral hygiene

moral hygiene is the act of removing ones self from the crowd and movement of degrading ever changing tide of mans idea of “normal”

the biggest mistake you can make as a christian, is to step away from biblical principles based off the “normal” we are not called to be normal.

normal for a nazis was killing infants and starving people to death. and unless we want to end up “normal” we have to go the opposite direction. and be extraordinary.

when a person is presented with something that’s  is widely accepted it is considered normal. does that make it right? no. simply a widely accepted behavior. I am disgusted and appalled at what is being considered acceptable in the west.

homosexuality is not a beautiful thing. it’s a twisting of ones nature caused by demonic influences. theft is not acceptable, you are destroying what someone else worked hard to get. what is wrong with people that “normal” outweighs what’s morally right?

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