The Kingdom of Satan is actually a knockoff of the kingdom of God. To see this you just need to understand that God is perfect, thus the system of Governance he put in place would be as well.

Since Lucifer was a covering cherubim of the very throne, he would have to have been well versed in the operations of this system of governance. When He fell this knowledge base with him. Which he now uses to develop the kingdom of Satan.

Complete with physical units, false teachers, prophets, healers, apostles and Christs.  The false can be very close to the real, so much so that a few key understandings or knowledge can completely alter the finial work done in the individual.

Most physical units are unawares of their own falsehood. hey are usually just everyday people who themselves fell in the same snare they are setting for others.


“beware the doctrine of devils and man”


Doctrine is the base of deception. A false doctrine is either introduced by the demonic or someones imagination. either way the consequences of acceptance can be catastrophic.

A drawing away from the lord and his word will occur, or a watering down of the truth. That ultimately leads all who listen to it into destruction.

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