A break in the chain

it’s important to remember that demons have to resort to trickery a lot of times when dealing with humans.  Eve was tricked first. then used to seduce her husband.

but what does this mean to us now and how does it apply to battles now?

when you bind directly via taking direct authority over a demon you are currently facing in a raw manner. you might find the demon doesn’t seem to leave right?

this is quite often a trick. demons operate in literal lines. one stands behind the other, once the one in front in bound, or completes it’s task and leaves, the one behind it goes forward and starts it’s work, or if the previous demon was bound, picks up were the other left off.

in other words, it pretends to be the demon that was in front of it.  They can sound and act like the previous demon. this is so you are more likely to falter or stumble in your faith, questioning why your bindings aren’t effective. thus nullifying the binding.

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