A break in the chain

it’s important to remember that demons have to resort to trickery a lot of times when dealing with humans.  Eve was tricked first. then used to seduce her husband.

but what does this mean to us now and how does it apply to battles now?

when you bind directly via taking direct authority over a demon you are currently facing in a raw manner. you might find the demon doesn’t seem to leave right?

this is quite often a trick. demons operate in literal lines. one stands behind the other, once the one in front in bound, or completes it’s task and leaves, the one behind it goes forward and starts it’s work, or if the previous demon was bound, picks up were the other left off.

in other words, it pretends to be the demon that was in front of it.  They can sound and act like the previous demon. this is so you are more likely to falter or stumble in your faith, questioning why your bindings aren’t effective. thus nullifying the binding.


Apart of a grouping of online games such as the blue whale game, and slenderman. Momo has been credited with the death of at least 1 12 year old girl. The creation of such games falls into an odd category. The arts.

It’s common sense that objects can become cursed. without the owner actually doing anything but creating it however is lesser known knowledge. If someone creates an art piece that is demonically inspired, it is an open invitation for habitation, If someone who is demonically oppressed creates an art piece, a demon tormenting them from their stronghold can attach itself to the art piece.

I encourage you to read, the dangers of demonically influenced media

but now the real question, how to deal with it.

firstly you should be aware that if the child or person has willingly opened the door to this entity, they must repent and request be door shut by Jesus split blood and by his name.

the stories of children becoming afraid of the dark and being disturbed after exposure could potentially be a sign that the demon has let other demonic entities in (they like to attack like a pack, rarely will it be a single demon you are dealing with)

in such cases, a laying on of hands may be necessary to break the stronghold.

second- plead the blood of protection over you, your family (direct and indirect) friends, house and pets.

demons don’t go down without a fight commonly. and even when they do, they will try to retaliate if you do not take proper precautions to protect yourself and those you love.

thirdly- take the child or person. and lead in prayer with them. below you’ll find a prayer template. however I encourage you to pour your heart in it. beseech the lord. don’t just speak empty words.


Prayer template

We come before you lord in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, who came in the flesh and died to redeem us back to you.

Lord Jesus Christ we ask for you Covering, your Cleaning, and your covering of your blood of protection over us, our family, our families family, our pets, household and house as we come against the kingdom of Satan. we thank you for this.

5 second pause

Lord God almighty we come before you as sinners, we ask that you do not look upon our sins inequities and shortcomings but upon the precious split  blood of our lord and savior Jesus Christ whom died and has risen to redeem us back to you.

Thank you and praise you for all you’ve done for us. we know we don’t know all of it, but we are grateful for what we do see.

We ask lord God almighty that your hand of healing and protection be upon __________Name of person affected______ as we come against the kingdom of satan on their behalf.

  • person whom is affected- I repent lord God almighty of my involvement with ___________insert potential demonic open doors influences (video games, movies books ect)______

We ask that you please take authority over lucifer and bind him, and command him to bind his circles of 3 and command him to bind Beelzebub , Asteroth, Azazel, Sin and EL and command them to bind their circles of 3 from operating over the general Moloch, from operating over _____child’s name____

we also ask lord god almighty that any other influencing demon or attacking demon, be bound and cast back to hell and ordered never to return. that you loose over the legions involved.

Tame – Defiled
Nathats – Break down
Saraph – set on fire / burn away
Shabath – put down / desist
Daqaq – crush
Shalak – throw out
Nathats – beat down
Ruts – break down
Sur – take away
Zabach – slay
Baar – put away
Charon – fierceness
Aph – wrath

and the person involved

Zao / Thusia – Living sacrifice unto the Lord
Qara – read / address by name
Beriyth – covenant with Lord
Halak – walk after Lord
Shamar-keep commandments / hedge about
Qum – perform words of covenant
Yatsha – bring out
Alah – come to the Lord
Shub – turn to Lord

we ask this in Jesus name by the blood that he shed. and we put our faith trust and belief in you that even now it is being done.

we ask that any and all soul ties ___insert persons name__ has with the demonic or that is corrupted by the demonic directly or indirectly be covered in the blood of lord Jesus Christ and they be broken never to be remade and that soul ties between family and friends be remade in your perfect bond uncorruptable.

we thank you for your time and consideration, and thank you for loving us.

in Jesus name, by the blood that he shed.

  • All present- I stand in agreement








Qol- the spy legion

General information

This legion specialization is in spying. You’ll find they favour crows. However can utilize other birds as well as animals and plants in order to gain the information they were sent to collect.

Just as mankind makes the decision whether to follow the kingdom of God or Satan so does every other creature in existence. When a plant or animal chooses to follow the kingdom of Satan they become utilized by that kingdom for various ends. Sometimes as spies. In which case they are usually possessed by the spy entity or at very least develop a soul tie with it. In order to observe what the being in the physical realm is observing.

Note* it is never a pointless effort to preach the gospel of peace to all creation. That bird or tree may have needed to hear that message. Just as we do.

Involvement with Black Arts

Qol are used by black witches and Sorcerers in order collect information on targets. They will often be squads of crows around a sorcerer or witches area giving them various information. You may see a murder of crows surrounding a black arts practitioners house or car. From the colour make and model of the car their prospective victim drives to the colour of their hair name and address of residence.

They pass the information on in order to make it easier for the black arts practitioner to form a plan in order to nullify or attack the person.

signs of their presence

Murders of crows or other animals seemingly to follow individual.

You may hear the crows “speak” in your mind as they caw

what victim may experience

Erratic behaviour. Often this line is one of the units sent out just before an attack on the individual by either direct demonic or a dark arts practitioner. This is a pinnacle time. As they gather information.

You should prepare a defence. Pray against Qol and other demonic legions you feel might attack or are preparing. As well as ask the lord to defend and protect through Christs spilt blood of protection. Ask for the information they’ve been gathering to not be able to be passed on. And for any soul ties you may have with them or the dark arts practitioners that may be targeting you to be covered in the blood of Christ and broken never to be remade.

Names Attributes Bible Reference Counter Scriptures Counter Scriptures

This is the name of a specialised legion, the name means noise / point to

This legion is a responding legion. When the person or relic or mystery has been found out there still remains the need to make the items presence known. This can be done through both human or animal agents. This legion specialize in making creatures create a sound as in call attention to a specific place . In effect enabling information to be passed between the spiritual and natural realms. In the future it will use birds to call attention to Christians in hiding. Exo 3:18 And they shall hearken to thy voice: and thou shalt come, thou and the elders of Israel, unto the king of Egypt, and ye shall say unto him, The LORD God of the Hebrews hath met with us: and now let us go, we beseech thee, three days’ journey into the wilderness, that we may sacrifice to the LORD our God. Loose over surveillance demons

Puts (cast abroad)

Ebrah (rage of Lord)

Chabash (bind)

One being used by surveillance chain

Shaphel (abase-humiliate)

Kana (subdue)

Hadak (tread down)

Chabash (bind)

Sakak (break apart-disperse)

Loose over subject:

Shamar (hedge about)

Sether (covering)

Yashab (abide-remain)

Raah (perceive)

Kasah (hide, overwhelm)

Sakak (defend-entwine)

Kawfar (mercy-pardon)

Satanic Description Satanic attributes. Operates under Has control over
This legion is a part of this chain.

Katashopeo – spies and informers

Asham – guilty / punish

Ragal – military observation / report

Qol – noise / point to

Shekach – discover

Chaqar – penetrate

Tur – inspect / search

Pareiserchomai – stealth / follow

Oth – mark for watching

At – move softly – magic


קל קול

qô?l qô?l

kole, kole

From an unused root meaning to call aloud; a voice or sound: – + aloud, bleating, crackling, cry (+ out), fame, lightness, lowing, noise, + hold peace, [pro-] claim, proclamation, + sing, sound, + spark, thunder (-ing), voice, + yell.

This is a direct magic chain that is invoked by a practitioner of the dark arts. It is used to spy out or locate information or things. Operates in all Hemispheres.

The whole chain falls under the singular demon Ascaroth.

This demon in turn operates under the Black witch lines under Seshat who is in charge of all the chains that respond to spell casting or direct magic.

The whole black witch line comes under Hecate who falls under the general Lilith who comes under both Lucifer and Astaroth.

This is the seventh legion up in this chain and responds to the legions of

Shekach – discover

Chaqar – penetrate

Tur – inspect / search

Pareiserchomai – stealth / follow

Oth – mark for watching

At – move softly / magic

Decarabia ( over legion of Pareiserchomai) will use the noise of birds in the places of water to seek out where the safe places are. Be aware that before the provision of water is obtained, you must bind this demon in order for this legion not to follow you back to the safe place. This is true for many will be captured in this manner. The noise of birds will attract the attention of the physical. Pray each time before going for the provision of water. I will be with you and I will protect you. I will place a cover upon you and will guide you. This is My promise to you.

how to make TRUE holy oil

NOTHING in scripture says anything about using salt to make holy oil. nor does it say ritualistic prayer creates it. in fact this is what is said:

Mar 6:12  And they went out, and preached that men should repent.
Mar 6:13  And they cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick, and healed them.

Jas 5:14  Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: 
Jas 5:15  And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.
Jas 5:16  Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

so basically the creation of holy oil is through a prayer of faith, used for healing purposes.




Understanding Homosexuality

Homosexuality is not what you think. It is a type of demonic oppression few talk about, and fewer know how to drive back!

firstly. it is NOT usually a persons choice, it is and it isn’t. it is a choice made usually in the persons past to open the door of attraction that is presented to them via a demonic influence.

secondly, no not all homosexuals are bound for hell, if they want to be Christian and fight back the influences they have just as much as shot as anyone else.

If you happen to be a homosexual a simple test can be administered  to see for yourself where the influence is coming from.

the next time you feel attracted to someone of the same sex. look at the person. I know your reaction is the same with them as it would be with someone of the opposite sex. as you are watching them.

firstly plead the blood of Christ over yourself in that instant, can be verbal or n your mind. secondly. command the fallen angel of perversion and lust to depart from you immediately. bind them and cast them out if you know how.

you should see a break as you are watching the person of attraction. the break is from being attracted to the person, to seeing them as a normal person of  same sex.

This is caused by the demon being bound or ordered to leave in the name if Christ. before another demon can take it’s place in the Line, there is a break, a point in which there is no longer the influence.

Once you know it’s demonic in nature. It is time to fight back!

the following lines are the ones responsible for  Homosexuality.


to understand how to use the list. please contact me directly.


Pharzuph – fallen angel of fornication, lust, pollute. This is the influence behind the gays.

Invidia – singular over fornication – under Pharzuph

* Kilili (Zanah – Ekporneuo (Gr) – give over to fornication)

** ? (Zenuth – Porneuo (Gr) – fornicate / infidelity

*** ? (Shur – Porne (Gr) – travel about / search

**** ? (Tanah – Pornos (Gr) – be for hire

* Zaria (chaneph – polluted) – under Pharzuph

** ? (Tame – defiled)

*** ? (Bus – tread down)

**** ? (Aqob – deceitful)

* Eros ( avah – covet / Lust)

** ? (Batsa – fulfill / gain

*** ? (Shaaph – desire earnestly)

**** ? (Chamad – pleasant thing)







the vampire-ism/cannibalism lines

this is not my work, I do not take credit for it, and if they would like to be made known, it’ll be in their own time.

The attacks by “zombies” in the news are actually the attack of this below legion of demonic please use caution when binding, ask for protection before binding for you and your families. remember to bind it under all hemospheres and d

Vampirism / zombie / cannibalism – under Baal-berith / Baalberiyth – under Seshat

Mictlantecuhtli (Kakos – depraved / injurious) – Also over the two following chains below this one.

* ? (Anapleroo – Void / Fill)

* ? (Poneros – evil)

* ? (Koinos – unholy thing)

* ? (Sapros – corrupt) (Mat 7:17)

* ? (Bazaz – spoiled)

* ? (Shaqaq – appetite (like a beast of prey) Isa 29:8

* ? (Ayeph – faint / thirsty) (Isa 29:8)

* ? (Nephesh – lust) (Exo 15:9)

* ? (Reyq – empty soul / worthless)

* ? (Buqah – be hollow)

* ? (Argos – idle / inactive / unemployed)

Loose over the legion

Harag – smite / destroy

Akal – devour

Sur – remove

Yatsa – come out

Naphal – overthrow

Shub – recompense

Qelalah – curse Jdg 9:57


Loose over the subject

Zakar – remember the Lord

Natsal – deliver / escape

Chesed – show kindness

Tob – goodness

Nasa – lift up

Shama – hearken to the Lord

Kabad – be honorable

Samach – rejoice In the Lord

Emeth – truth

Tamiym – integrity

Batach – confidence in Lord

Tsur – fortify

Lacham – be an overcomer





As parts fall into place

It does not happen often but every now and again I get the closest thing that can be called a revelation come about. In this case I have been gathering up a lot of random information and observations over the past couple of years which have just all started to fall into place so as to reveal a coherent picture of what is really going on behind the scenes.

From a part of a prophecy received a few days ago it was revealed that as the churches of Mammon fell so the churches would replace the prosperity gospels with an occult one and even further down the line the churches, or at least what was left of them would be gradually indoctrinated into Islam.

Some time ago it was also revealed that there is a form of replacement theology taking place and that Horus, an old Egyptian pagan deity, was being promoted as a replacement for Jesus as the Christ.

Added to that we have known for a while that the occult has been making huge inroads into the churches and that false Prophets and false Apostles have risen up the ranks so as to gain positions of authority and influence within the churches of many different denominations. Much of the visualization techniques and faith in faith doctrines all stem from this. It is promoting a reliance and dependance on the development of self instead of a submission and obedience to God.

Added to this is the phenomenon where Jesus the Son of God has been replaced with a Jesus that is God himself, as a doctrine which is in blatant disregard for even the most basic and simplest to understand scripture references. The promotion of this doctrine based on just 4 or 5 verses quoted out of context while ignoring a minimum of over 100 that state otherwise just defies all logic. But it is happening indicating a massively strong delusion settling over these churches. Something as enforced as this has to be demonically inspired and upheld.

While looking at all these seemingly random situations the penny dropped and satans game plan to get the saints out the way and reestablish Lucifer as the god of this world like it was before the crusifixtion all fell into place.

Here is how it all ties together.

We now know that the end objective is to destroy the churches and convert them all to Islam. Islam comes under the demon Haran who is better known as the pagan god Allah. Islam results in a famine of the word of God. Where ever Islam is, the word of God is removed and his followers beheaded and the Koran promoted at the point of the sword. Once the Muslim religion is installed there is no longer any access to the word of God at all. Unless you want to loose your head.

Now in order to achieve this you need two things. The first is to get into a position of leadership over the church where the word of God and be corrupted and the flock led astray. And the second is that you have to introduce a christ that will make the conversion of the church from Christianity to Islam look like the natural thing to do. But to do this you need a Christ that is the god over everything just like Allah is supposed to be or the Christians won’t buy into it. So enter Horus the other Christ. It makes no difference if he is called Jesus as it will just be another name added to the list of other names given to him over the years, so long as the attributes that he is supposed to represent remain with him.

Now at this stage of the game we have two different Christs being promoted. The first Christ is the only begotten Son of God who is in service to God his Father and in submission to him as well. The second is a Christ that is God himself that came to earth to hang on the cross himself for the remission of our sins. Now obviously only one of these two Christs is the real one and the other is false.

The first one is the real one that did exactly what his Father instructed him, even unto death and the second one is Horus that is the one the saints are being taught and cohered to embrace. In fact the wolves are teaching the flock to embrace quite a number of other individuals as pre incarnate forms of Christ with the idea that at the end of the day Horus can hand Jesus back his crumpled used up name after he has already stolen his bride and convinced them through the promotion of the old Egyptian texts to call him by his real name again. Of course the deceived will believe that this christ Horus is god himself because christ is god and this new christ will lead them into the fold of Islam simply by using other names for it. It’s all just a big exercise in double speak and name substitution.

The white witches that have risen to the top positions in the church as false Apostles and Prophets will be giving all the signs and wonders that the demonic hordes behind them will empower them with, so as to mimic the gifts of the spirit just as the high priests in Pharaoh’s court duplicated all the warnings that Moses gave like turning water into blood etc. But at the end of the day the scriptures will end up being ignored and then pushed aside just as the instructions in the scriptures on how to test the spirits have been pushed aside and debunked now. Once the exercise is completed the scriptures will not even be available but will have been replaced with all the old writing recovered from the ruins of the old civilizations that worshipped the old pagan gods that the Israelites were told to push out the land they were to go into and inherit.

That is the intent that Satan hopes to achieve.

Behavior modifying demons

Behavior modifying demons

There are many people entrapped by the demonic. More then even exorcists would care to admit. They are classified depending on what the purpose of the demons are at that point. There are blatantly entrapped people, and there are subtle. In this particular group of people the demons affecting them tend to alter their base characteristics. This is evident in many cases I’ve come across. Eventually their personalities become so deranged they can no longer function normally in society. Not only is the behavior they exhibit damaging to themselves but those around them.

They often do things they know is wrong. Not just morally in general. But that the action hurts themselves as well. They are so influenced by the demonic they often have unnatural affections and attractions to certain people. Then their presence is used to damage the person.

Demonic involvement is obvious in these cases. In the beginning it isn’t, but as the demonic works on them their behavior becomes more and more irrational. They make decisions based on “feelings” ( a medium the demonic work through) or do things and not understand why. It makes no more sense to them then it does to those around them.

If you carefully observe people in such cases you’ll see it is blatantly demonic, the demonic does not often hide their presence. As most ignore the signs to begin with.

The point.

The point of this demon is to create a damaged individual who vents their frustrations on others. Causes trouble for others. Sets traps for others. They often attach themselves to one or multiple individuals. This is an unnatural attraction. An obsessive attraction to an individual or group that makes no rational sense. Once a relationship is established they use the entrapped person to destroy the person they are attracted too.

What do I do?

Avoid emotional involvement with these individuals. Pray for them yes, but do not get entrapped by them while working to free them. They tend to be very manipulative. Do not fall for their traps. Keep your wits about you. Pray over soul ties. As there are multiple demonic lines and chains that function in this field identify which behavioral modification demon line is working on them and bind it. Pray for healing for the person as well. If possible an anointment with holy oil may be required for the healing. As the person becomes free, the demons will become more and more angry, and it will show through the victims actions. Lashing out and attacking may occur. Be prepared for that.

Demon behavior and interaction with Christians

Demon behavior and interaction with Christians

demon behavior in my own experience:

Some have multiple names, multiple forms depending on whom they’re dealing with and why, also depending on the name used to summon. They have elaborate personas. often described as beautiful beings by summoners. These personas are far from the truth, but the reasons they are summoned are often included in the description.. each demon has a specific job or action they may take, they can be trained in other areas however they do not act in other areas unless ordered to do so. Ie a demon of torment may be trained in recruitment, but it will only torment as this is the line they have been placed in.

They are extremely good actors, they can draw you into whatever they are portraying. The play often focuses on self, a self story, usually fears, desires as it’s main focus. However this is just a cover up, a redirection of focus as the actual words that are used are often riddled with double speak and incremental amounts of indoctrination and behavior altering techniques. This is a common form of attack that is embedded in their very behavior as they interact with humans. They can mimic any voice pattern. Often they take on the voice of a human or human like figure. This is kids gloves. They’re actual voices are demonic in nature. They use this ability as well as taking on different behavioral patterns. To act out the play. SO they can appear to be more demons then there actually are.

Behavioral modification towards specific subjects:

Behavior modifying demons

There are many people entrapped by the demonic. More then even exorcists would care to admit. They are classified depending on what the purpose of the demons are at that point. There are blatantly entrapped people, and there are subtle. In this particular group of people the demons affecting them tend to alter their base characteristics. This is evident in many cases I’ve come across. Eventually their personalities become so deranged they can no longer function normally in society. Not only is the behavior they exhibit damaging to themselves but those around them.

They often do things they know is wrong. Not just morally in general. But that the action hurts themselves as well. They are so influenced by the demonic they often have unnatural affections and attractions to certain people. Then their presence is used to damage the person.

Demonic involvement is obvious in these cases. In the beginning it isn’t, but as the demonic works on them their behavior becomes more and more irrational. They make decisions based on “feelings” ( a medium the demonic work through) or do things and not understand why. It makes no more sense to them then it does to those around them.

If you carefully observe people in such cases you’ll see it is blatantly demonic, the demonic does not often hide their presence. As most ignore the signs to begin with.

The point.

The point of this demon is to create a damaged individual who vents their frustrations on others. Causes trouble for others. Sets traps for others. They often attach themselves to one or multiple individuals. This is an unnatural attraction. An obsessive attraction to an individual or group that makes no rational sense. Once a relationship is established they use the entrapped person to destroy the person they are attracted too.

What do I do?

Avoid emotional involvement with these individuals. Pray for them yes, but do not get entrapped by them while working to free them. They tend to be very manipulative. Do not fall for their traps. Keep your wits about you. Pray over soul ties. As there are multiple demonic lines and chains that function in this field identify which behavioral modification demon line is working on them and bind it. Pray for healing for the person as well. If possible an anointment with holy oil may be required for the healing. As the person becomes free, the demons will become more and more angry, and it will show through the victims actions. Lashing out and attacking may occur. Be prepared for that.

Increased sensitivity towards trivial subjects:

offenses: they like to get offended, towards you going to the bathroom, blowing your nose, changing clothes, going for a shower. Now they’ve been around for centuries, they are not sensitive. So there is a deeper purpose for this behavior. The idea is humans are sensitive towards offenses. Whenever someone is offended towards you it activates a desired behavioral pattern. It opens you up, the defenses go up or you seek to reconcile. Now the points in the conversation that this is placed would increase sensitivity towards the subject. Thus breaking down the defenses.

This occurs by repetition, you get used to them speaking to you, than you come to expect it. The repetition of the subject starts to wear you down, you become sensitive to the subject. Going to the bathroom becomes a walk of shame.

The point to this is behavioral modification. It’s a training technique. Like slapping a dog on the nose if it lays on the couch. It creates focus on trivial things, blows it out of proportion as to distract you from the larger picture they are drawing. You become overwhelmed by normal human functioning, instead of dealing with the main problem, them.

their main goal, the point to the play.

Willing law breaking. They are extremely legalistic in nature. Now the idea is to make you fall as far as possible and give Lucifer ammunition in court. As well as open you up for larger and larger scale attacks. This occurs throughout the play, if they can’t use your words to incriminate you, they use your thoughts, and feelings towards the subject. They set up word traps, to set you up for something bigger. They can and will create distractions from getting rid of them in the process, using fears, doubts. If they get an opportunity they will take it. No matter how trivial it seems to you, getting a foothold in any subject builds a picture, the picture itself can make no sense, be jumbled up, be complete chaos, the point of the play is just distractions. It’s the underlining play on words, indoctrination, repetition ect that actually does the damage.

removal of Armour:

It starts with the removal of your Armour. This is achieved through doubt, and fear. They can start at any number of the pieces of the Armour of God. The helm of salvation, belt of truth, shoes of preparedness of the gospel of peace, breastplate of righteousness, sword of the word, shield of faith. Depending on where you are lacking, is where they are most effective in. How they do this is usually character breaking down psychological techniques. If you aren’t well versed in the new testament, you lack shoes, or your shoes are weak. If you’re weak to temptation, your breastplate is weakened. If you’re prone to believing lies or false doctrines than your belt is lose. If you aren’t well versed in the old testament than you lack proficiency with your sword. If you doubt, your shield is weak and can be removed. Usually the last thing to be removed is the helm of salvation. That is Christ. The understanding and acceptance of his sacrifice. How this unit is removed is through doubt, “why would he care anyway?”

They find excuses as to why you shouldn’t read your bible, pray. This doesn’t have to be good excuses, not even believable, they can make it believable by way of the play. NEVER stop praying or reading your bible. This is important. The plays they put on are elaborate, well constructed that draw you in, they can move in manners outside the normal realm of a play, and it’s a staged production. That’s why it’s so important to keep firmly grounded in reality, and in the word.

Combat the removal of armor:

To combat the removal of armor. You need to have a firm grasp of what the pieces represent. What they do and how exactly they are removed. Once you have this, fight back with the sword of the word, prayer, praise and REPENTANCE.

Don’t just quote random bible verses to fight back, apply the scriptures that counter what it is they’re trying to tell you. You can also analyze what part of your Armour they are attacking and strengthen it. Use verses that apply to the point of your amour that they are attacking.

“Steal that” “thou shalt not steal” we can see from the desire of the demon that they are trying to break down your character, so the attack is on the breastplate of righteousness. This is a form of psychological warfare. Without an absolute to counteract the attack, your breastplate is undefended. You correct it using an unchallengeable counter, the bible verse is the ultimate law for humans. Thus the double edged sword. As there is no way to counter the attack without denying the law themselves.

“He doesn’t care for you, you know” “you fell to far this time” an attack on the shield of faith. and the helm of salvation the belt of truth. You counter with the shoes of preparedness of the gospel of peace, shield of faith. “ Christ gave his life to deliver us from our sins, therefore he does” “ I am covered through his spilt blood of redemption.”

some excellent verses to memories for combat:

ten commandments:

1 “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me.

2 “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My Commandments.

3 “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.

4 “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.

5 “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.

6 “You shall not murder.

7 “You shall not commit adultery.

8 “You shall not steal.

9 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

10 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”

Sword of praise:

The lord does a lot for us, mostly it is unrecognized, unappreciated, few know about the sword of praise, but it is just as effective in some situations as the sword of the word. If you’re stumped, desperate, can’t think of anything else to do. Praise is always desirable, now God is not vain, but to appreciate what he does, does attract his attention. And it’s generally a pleasant thing to give and receive.

The push and pull effect:

in any demon attack there is a push and pull effect. It’s best described as you being in a room with them, and there is a book, the bible, and only standing on it is the safe spot. Now you’ll have people pushing you over it, or pulling you off it. To get pushed over the word, is to go beyond what it says. Ie the belief is in other realms of existence, now this is a more complex subject and without prior bible study on the subject you are being pushed over the word through an extension of the word that does not exist in the word itself. The pull effect is a lot less complicated, basically it’s pulling you away from the grounded facts of the bible, straightforward. They do this by calling into question what you know you have to make a decision at this point of what you believe. All the while inducing fear and doubt to throw you into turmoil.

Desired behavioral patterns activations:

in order to sidestep your own defenses they have to invoke a behavioral change in you. Towards them and the subjects they bring up. I experienced this in a number of ways.

Shock therapy: basically it is a tensing and relaxing of the muscles when a certain subject pops up. The point of this is to associate undesirable behavior with the tensing of your muscles. It slowly changes how you react to the subject.

Desperation: the point of the play, among other things is panic. Through panic they can get a grip on you. In other words make the situation so desperate or appear so desperate that you would turn to them for guidance. This is a double edged sword because it doesn’t only create a relationship, but it also acts as a faith breaker. Panic is doubt, and doubt is lack of faith. They than take on the role of the guide, the heroes ect, while leading you further down the garden path.

Sensitivity: sensitivity is weakness. Whether it be a specific subject. Behavior desire, fear, doubt. It is weakness in yourself. When a touchy subject comes up the normal human reaction is for the defenses go up.

The focus

The focus of demons is on the negative emotions humans have, they operate in the opposition to Christ and God. And their main purpose with man is to cultivate souls. Make them grow through character building. Demons want to do the opposite the breaking down of character and desirable characteristics as well as moral grounding, faith, in essences who we are as people. Everything they do while interacting with humans has a purpose of breaking down the person, to their core values, than you corrupt the core values themselves.

Faith breaker Faith is a big one they break you of, those plays can become very real and invasive. And it escalates, you will notice a gradual increase of intensity that appears either to be the natural course of the play or it is so chaotic it’s impossible to decipher what exactly is going on around you. The idea is to draw you into the play, again a double edged sword as it both, draws you into the play as you try to figure out what’s going on around you or figure out a way out, and it redirects your focus from God and Jesus onto self. This is playing on self preservation. You are entirely relying on self to figure out what to do and how to avoid the problem. When the answer is right in front of you, the re-redirection of focus back to God and Jesus will be needed constantly.

Prayered out– After the focus has been removed, the increase in intensity creates panic. As the intensity is increased so is methods of cutting you off from prayer. In my particular case the main method was lack of sleep, they keep you awake, or put your body into danger mode so it becomes impossible to reach REM sleep.

Spiritual drugsTheycan also apply what is called spiritual drugs. In which case you literally start feeling drugged up. People who have been possessed have reported that while coming out of it, literal needles come out of their body. From what I can tell, it appears to be a hallucinogen without the drawbacks of nausea, shakes, or crash afterwards. The behavior you can expect is hallucinations, slowing down of the mind, disorientation, inability to rationalize. you don’t feel drugged up. But they symptoms are there.

Psychological torture they have methods of psychological torture. Usually focusing on our weaknesses, fears, desires. They play on them. In a sense that they are made obvious to you, touchy sensitive subjects are made well known. And played with in a sense.

Plots, traps and word play lores:

Demons are master manipulators of words, they set up elaborate word traps with a basic purpose, for you to fall into sin, away from the lord and his help. Now this can occur a number of ways, but if you look at the basics of a play you’ll see it follows the story. As it progresses they’ll add word traps, if your doing to well, they’ll increase the intensity of the play. If you combat well, they’ll make the word traps trickier and trickier until it appears impossible to combat..


They like to be helpful when it suits them and their goals.

Sensitivity to demonic presence.

Some people are sensitive to the spiritual realms. In such cases they feel ill when listening to demonically influenced music. Tend to avoid horror movies or demonically influenced games or movies. They can sense when somethings not right spiritually. When these types of people become demonically oppressed in certain manners they will feel ill just communicating with the demons.

If you are one of these types of people. It is possible to build a tolerance to the demonic presence in video games and music as well as communication. But I highly discourage it. Your sensitivity is a gift. You will be able to distinguish between things influenced by God and things influenced by Satan more easily then most people.


are not to be under considered. There are multiple ways to end up trapped by an agreement. Agreements are extremely dangerous. They can kill you, rape you and rob you of salvation or protection.

You can communicate with demons through thought speech, and trickiest of all, impressions. Now communication with them is sin. Try to resist. If you have to communicate, simply quote bible scripture that applies to what they’re telling you. If you don’t know much scripture, simply repeat to yourself in your own mind that demons only lie, demons only lie. I doesn’t matter if you perceive what they’re saying as truth. You’ll come to understand that even if they state the sky is blue, an undeniable truth. It is still a lie. This is because there are a lot more components to a lie then simply the words themselves. There is the intention behind the words. The purpose of the words. And who endorses the words. By endorse I mean there are two main influences in the world. God and Christ and in opposition Satan and his kingdom. Satan is known as the king of lies, Christ is known as faithful. In other words I liken it to the opposition between truth and lies those under Satan are influenced in their perceptions, purpose and words and actions by the behavior of Satan. They do not interact with human without orders from Satan hierarchy. Because of this you know there intentions behind their words are only to harm you, coheres you into submission or destroy you. They may say the skies blue. But it’s a lie. Because of the multiple layers of truth and lies, you know that the two don’t mix. A partial truth is still a lie.

The point in repeating demons only lie. Is to counteract the effect of the statements or questions they are stating or asking. If a lie enters your mind unopposed it can become truth. You’re mind processes truth and lies the same. The only way to “throw out” a lie is to oppose it. They will repeat a lie over and over. Not all at once. Then you’d just shut them out. Remember to listen to words is like eating food. It is digested and becomes apart of you. Then you excrete the waste product (lies or incorrect information) they spread out their main idea they want to feed you, and repeat it until it does it’s appointed job.

The dangers of demonically influenced media

The dangers of demonically influenced media
what does it mean to be demonically influenced?

DEMONIC (adjective)
The adjective DEMONIC has 1 sense:
extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell

(5 senses as a noun, 3 senses as a verb)
A power to affect persons or events especially power based on prestige etc

To be demoniacally influenced means to be under the influence of a demonic spirit. Whether it be through inspiration, direct desire. There are two main influence in the world. All inspiration is directly or indirectly inspired by those two spirits, the spirit of the world and the spirit of God. They are directly apposing forces, one cannot exist within the other. All influences are a branch of these two forces.

Ephesians 2:2: “Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.”

 “Satan is a spirit. Demons are spirits. God is a Spirit (John 4:24). God created man in His threefold image of body, soul and spirit. Man is a spirit. As such, the human spirit is susceptible to spiritual influences by other spirits, whether they be good or evil. This is how Rock ‘N’ Roll can be demonically inspired and inspiring. It is a matter of spiritual influence.”

How does it affect you?

The closer you move towards the source of the inspiration, the more it influences you. How media affects you has a lot to do with the brain, it can improve memory, alter perceptions, alter beliefs, behavior, interactions. It affects the wiring of the brain, how we’re wired and which neurotransmitters are used and when, during music or movies..

it affects the development of the soul as well. Depending on what moves your soul in a positive or negative way. As your emotions are manipulated, your thought patterns manipulated, your belief structure challenged all through music and movies. This had an obvious affect on the mind and soul..

Music: Music is the most influential media in history. It affects our perceptions, thoughts, emotions. How we perceive the world around us. Music is know to heal brain damage, rewire our brains and alter our perceptions, it affects us on the physical, spiritual and mental level.

affects: demonically influenced music affects mood. Induces anger, rage, rebellion, interest in witchcraft, demons. As well as creating soul ties and demonic bondage with spirits. It actually rewires the brain to function according to the type of music that’s given.

examples: Some well know demonically influenced music are: Apocalyptica, Disturbed, Korn, Kiss etc. the list is endless.

video games: When you Play a video game, you are processing the data the same as if it were reality, this leads to the same process of analyzing the data you are receiving, data is compared to what you previously know to be fact or a perception of a subject and altered to include the new information, the more you feed yourself demonically influenced video games, the less and less contradictory information is given to a specific view the game give of a subject, in other words the more you play, the more the view or perception the video game wants to give you is imbedded into your psychology..

affects: basically it the systematic breakdown of previous ideals and beliefs, the more you play a demonically influenced game, the more it affects your real belief structures and manner of thought process, (how you analyze data.)

dangers: a lot of demonically influenced media is embedded with real demonic symbolism and names of demons, functions of demons, this is a form of subliminal messaging..

examples: Blood omen, left4dead, Grand Theft Auto, various others. Check all games before giving them to your children, as games last longer than a song or movie, they are exposed to it more often than any other from of media.

PC: The internet is the most used form of media in today’s society. However it’s also the most abused as far as demonically influenced media is concerned. From the imbedding of real demonic names and functions, to how to cast real spells. To witchcraft schools, to pornography, all have soul ties, and influences behind them..

dangers: soul ties are often attached by the creators of demonic websites, in extreme cases portals can be attached to certain web pages, as well as curses and demonic attachments, it’s very important that you pay attention to where you go and what you look at online..

examples: World of Warcraft, The Loom, Porn, witchcraft schools ect..

Affects: what basically happens when you have a soul tie to a particular web page is you are attached by an unseen thread to another person (the person who made it) you may feel compelled to keep reading, or visiting the site, this is evident in pornography. Portals are openings from one place in the spiritual realm to another. If you come across one, it is an opening for demons and other spiritual creatures to enter into your home, and by opening the page, you are giving consent for that influence, this is a real danger on wiccan/witchcraft sites.

RPG’s: probably the most dangerous form of game but the least spoken about are physical RPG’s how it functions is you play out a character in real life that you create through a book, the problem is the real life concepts that are integrated into this type of game, the types of soul attachments and the general danger of playing it.

dangers: People have died playing, committed murder, suicide while playing it. I don’t know what the problem is but it seems to affect people more than any other kind of media, it teaches direct witchcraft and concepts such as portals, soul ties, various spiritual creatures.

examples: RIFTS, Dungeons and Dragons

Affects: Because you are applying physical reaction, behavior changes, and mental changes purposefully. You actually start to think like your character, behave like your character. It is the purposeful alteration of yourself so it does have long term affects. As you apply the concepts used by the character, you are mentally applying your own thought processes to the subject. This creates a regularity in the behavior and interaction with the concepts. A desensitization of the concepts take place. And in turn a desire to experiment with the concepts in real life usually occurs..this leads to sometimes tragic results and kids find out they can open portals, summon demons ect..

Books: Books are one of the oldest forms of media, along with music, it affects your brains creativity processes. Again demonically influenced books open doors, create curiosity and encourage experimentation creates soul ties, and affect how the brain functions..

dangers: Manga, I used to be a huge Manga fan, although I knew it was wrong, because of the influence behind it. I couldn’t get enough of it, but this is the spirit of the east. This type of book is riddled with demonic influence, I know so many people personally who have come under some seriously dangerous bondage from reading anime. From witchcraft, vampirism to direct demonic influence such as Alchemy, divination, they teach you that.

examples: Full Metal Alchemist, Harry Potter, Twilight,

Movies: One of the most popular media’s in today’s society. Again it affects our Brian in the same way as a video game, you are what you eat, if your constantly watching horror movies, you will have a darker perspective than someone who watches happy feet.

dangers: It affects our perceptions and mood, If we constantly feed ourselves movies on death and destruction, it becomes apart of us. Our view of the world is affected, view of ourselves, our view of others is affected.

examples: apocalypse now, Vantage point, Spawn, various animes, Hell boy

Affects: Like it or not movies create a perception within ourselves regarding a particular subject. When a subject is discussed that we have no prior knowledge of like global warming or political viewpoints we are fed a particular view through the movie, now because we have no contradictory information our minds process it as truths, you aren’t really questioning it as you saw it in a movie are you? If you aren’t questioning the information it becomes like fact to you. This leads to misleading understandings..and false perceptions.

Subliminal messaging: Is the act of placing images or words within a media in such as way to not make them noticeable to the naked eye or ear without strain, but fully visible to the brain. It creates a break in the normal flow of the processing of information you are taking in from the media..this break is studied more by the brain, and affects a person in an unconscious level. There is no way to consciously combat it, or question it creating the perfect method of altering belief structure, altering desires, altering behavioral patterns etc..

Although this method is under strict guideline and is mostly illegal in mass media, it’s effectiveness can be seen in various medical applications, from stop smoking help, to helping you lose weight.

Subliminal messaging is still used in media today! Just in another format more noticed, in demonic symbolism that riddles our media now, in the subtle belief or “points” a movie, music, video game is trying to make.

Desensitization: Is the process of taking an uncomfortable subject matter and repeating it over and over in various medias to create a slow but progressive break down of the discomfort.

This can be seen in the forfront in the progressiveness of the pornography industry. If you look how it’s progressed you can see how desensitization is implemented and it’s affects on society.

It started as people in their underwear, than it is naked people touching, than it was intercourse, than it started to get vulgar. Now it’s smut.

At the same time it was being implemented into Daytime TV, from it being taboo to see a man and woman kiss on public TV to today, I saw full blown sex on daytime TV, a public show.

Now if you look at how it’s progressed and understand that taboo subjects aren’t handled mentally in the same manner as other subjects. It starts off as more regulated by ourselves, but if the subject reaches the point of acceptance, people tend to have trouble drawing a permanent line. It just slowly progresses farther and farther from it’s original intended threshold, desensitization is a slow process, but it has no limits on how far it can take you.

indoctrination: Is the process of teaching a particular subject without offering a contradictory doctrine. Basically when our brains processes data if contradictory information isn’t offered, instead the same view, belief, or fact, is repeated in various mediums you are left with the unopposed subject as factual, when in fact often times it’s opinionated or based on inconclusive evidence.

Indoctrination is a very effective dangerous method of mind control. It only takes 1 generation to completely indoctrinate the majority of a population. It creates fanatical follows to doctrines, creates a breeding ground for dangerous beliefs and behaviors to be implemented.

psychological redirection: Is a term I use to described this next form of mind control. It is the redirection of society as a whole through the implementation of slow progressive ideals, theologies, belief structures, directing society as whole in a direction carefully selected through the various kinds of media they are exposed to, And the control of ideas, beliefs and facts the media presents to the public to consume.

This is a concept that has come up often in modern society, basically it is the control of the populations beliefs through the implementation and presentation of other beliefs through multiple sources, multiple medias and banning of other contradictory ideas presented in the media. This is a subtle progression of the altered belief structures, ideals, values, and factual beliefs.

A belief is presented to the public while any media presenting a contradictory view is banned, as time progresses more and more radical versions of the idea are presented unopposed, or poor contradictions are presented to make the watcher believe they are receiving a valid rebuttal, that is no match for the idea that was presented.

The concept is then taken as the norm. It is the only belief they are exposed to, this works in conjunction with other ideas beliefs, ideas and theologies, to create an illusion of factual evidence. It is a science, you add a news report of an attack by radicalized Muslims with a movie of doomsday and an advert to join the military what do you conclude? War correct? The attack of the radicalized Muslims works with the advert of joining the military, you come to the conclusion that you will be fighting Radicalized Muslims should you join the military, and the movie of Doomsday sets a mood that affects how you respond to the subject, a feeling of dread. This affects your opinion of the subject. So it’s multiple ideas that are presented through the media at certain times that create a desired response to the subject present at the right moment.

This is carefully calculated, the placement of ideas. When and how you are exposed to an idea, how often is carefully calculated. And in doing so moves society as whole in the direction desired, I call this psychological redirection. You can take a subject that is complete contradiction to the accept idea of the day and change it to the complete opposing idea within 2 or 3 generations.

Choosing an influence: There are two main influences in this world, the ever changing worlds belief structure. And Gods never changing belief structure. All other influences branch from those two structures. Mans influence is often riddled with Demonic, invited even. This is what’s called the spirit of the world. We are told to choose Gods never changing influence over the spirit of the world and called to overcome the spirit of the world. From what you just read it’s a challenge isn’t it?