The Circles of Three

The Circles of Three

(written by traveler)

While putting the study of the demonic chains together it has become apparent that there are quite a few patterns emerging that are consistent through out the Satanic kingdom. One of them concerns all the religious lines. That is all the different major religions seem to have the same type of oversight and control. Yes the individual demons involved are different and the objectives of the chains very so as to suit the specific religion involved, but the command structures follow the same pattern and layouts.

The circles of three is one of those patterns and it would be a good idea to know about them so as to be on the look out for them when dealing with issues in this particular area. Basically what you have is a circle of three demons masquerading as goddesses over each religion with a singular demon over them coordinating their activities.

The first will be the War or Mother goddess.

The function of this goddess is to protect the religion. It will control the laws where the religion is practised so as to safe guard the faith. It will also employ enforcement of those laws so as to drive away any that would challenge that faith. An example is the anti proselytizing laws. It will also use force as in angry mobs of religious zealots etc to force the issue. At the same time it will give reward and recognition to those that defend the religion as well.

The second is the Family goddess.

This is the one that orders the generation as in promotes the faith in the population it holds sway over and encourages the social fabric of the society under the influence of this religion. Basically it works to make sure that each successive generation follows in the path of the religion and keeps it firmly woven in the social fabric of the nation.

The third is the Divination goddess.

This is the one that provides the supernatural to the religions. Raises up their prophets and teachers and provides the familiar spirits etc to provide the credibility needed to legitimize the faith in the belief structures of the populations it holds sway over. It will promote the spiritual ideas of the faith be it reincarnation, or ascension, or the attainment of paradises or the communications with the divine etc. It will provide the visions that support the belief structures and give the prophecies that reinforce it.

The only real variation to this system is found in the circle of three over the covenant faiths. A disproportionate amount of hells resources has been allocated to the covenant faiths of Christianity and Judaism even if the basic out lay of the command structure is still there. The reason being that it is not maintaining a religion but has the goal of corrupting one that is already there but not under their control. Their actions are towards corruption and substitution of the faith, not promotion or maintenance. They will present and promote an idol of Christ to replace the real one, the same with God and they will try to mimic the Holy Spirit so as to draw the adherents to the faith away into a more worldly doctrine.

It is so bad that the institutions of the covenant faiths are basically full blown battle grounds within while all the other religions only have to worry about threats to their status quo from without. When the full picture of what was aligned against the covenant faiths started to take shape the first thoughts in my mind was “Let my people go!” It is in fact a wonder that the covenant faiths have survived at all considering what has been thrown against them. Certainly nothing less than divine intervention could have preserved the covenant faiths in the face of all this.

However there is also a common trait in the religions that these circles of three maintain and that is that the religions rely on self for advancement. Yes they will all present their own deities and histories of the past beginnings suited to their own religions but the adherence of those religions are required to develop themselves to gain greater spiritual enlightment through works of one form or another. Be it through the building up of good Kama or meditating to higher conciseness or destroying more infidels etc. The move is not to come to God but to develop self so as to be like God. Develop greater power and understanding in self rather than be drawn to the greater power of the creator.

Believe it or not but for all the differences between the different religions it all boils down to a repeat of the first original lie that Eve fell for.


Gen 3:5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.


In other words to not be happy with being with God but to gain power so as to be gods in our own strength. That is the common goal that all the other religions are working towards but with different philosophies and practices.