The dangers of demonically influenced media

The dangers of demonically influenced media
what does it mean to be demonically influenced?

DEMONIC (adjective)
The adjective DEMONIC has 1 sense:
extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell

(5 senses as a noun, 3 senses as a verb)
A power to affect persons or events especially power based on prestige etc

To be demoniacally influenced means to be under the influence of a demonic spirit. Whether it be through inspiration, direct desire. There are two main influence in the world. All inspiration is directly or indirectly inspired by those two spirits, the spirit of the world and the spirit of God. They are directly apposing forces, one cannot exist within the other. All influences are a branch of these two forces.

Ephesians 2:2: “Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.”

 “Satan is a spirit. Demons are spirits. God is a Spirit (John 4:24). God created man in His threefold image of body, soul and spirit. Man is a spirit. As such, the human spirit is susceptible to spiritual influences by other spirits, whether they be good or evil. This is how Rock ‘N’ Roll can be demonically inspired and inspiring. It is a matter of spiritual influence.”

How does it affect you?

The closer you move towards the source of the inspiration, the more it influences you. How media affects you has a lot to do with the brain, it can improve memory, alter perceptions, alter beliefs, behavior, interactions. It affects the wiring of the brain, how we’re wired and which neurotransmitters are used and when, during music or movies..

it affects the development of the soul as well. Depending on what moves your soul in a positive or negative way. As your emotions are manipulated, your thought patterns manipulated, your belief structure challenged all through music and movies. This had an obvious affect on the mind and soul..

Music: Music is the most influential media in history. It affects our perceptions, thoughts, emotions. How we perceive the world around us. Music is know to heal brain damage, rewire our brains and alter our perceptions, it affects us on the physical, spiritual and mental level.

affects: demonically influenced music affects mood. Induces anger, rage, rebellion, interest in witchcraft, demons. As well as creating soul ties and demonic bondage with spirits. It actually rewires the brain to function according to the type of music that’s given.

examples: Some well know demonically influenced music are: Apocalyptica, Disturbed, Korn, Kiss etc. the list is endless.

video games: When you Play a video game, you are processing the data the same as if it were reality, this leads to the same process of analyzing the data you are receiving, data is compared to what you previously know to be fact or a perception of a subject and altered to include the new information, the more you feed yourself demonically influenced video games, the less and less contradictory information is given to a specific view the game give of a subject, in other words the more you play, the more the view or perception the video game wants to give you is imbedded into your psychology..

affects: basically it the systematic breakdown of previous ideals and beliefs, the more you play a demonically influenced game, the more it affects your real belief structures and manner of thought process, (how you analyze data.)

dangers: a lot of demonically influenced media is embedded with real demonic symbolism and names of demons, functions of demons, this is a form of subliminal messaging..

examples: Blood omen, left4dead, Grand Theft Auto, various others. Check all games before giving them to your children, as games last longer than a song or movie, they are exposed to it more often than any other from of media.

PC: The internet is the most used form of media in today’s society. However it’s also the most abused as far as demonically influenced media is concerned. From the imbedding of real demonic names and functions, to how to cast real spells. To witchcraft schools, to pornography, all have soul ties, and influences behind them..

dangers: soul ties are often attached by the creators of demonic websites, in extreme cases portals can be attached to certain web pages, as well as curses and demonic attachments, it’s very important that you pay attention to where you go and what you look at online..

examples: World of Warcraft, The Loom, Porn, witchcraft schools ect..

Affects: what basically happens when you have a soul tie to a particular web page is you are attached by an unseen thread to another person (the person who made it) you may feel compelled to keep reading, or visiting the site, this is evident in pornography. Portals are openings from one place in the spiritual realm to another. If you come across one, it is an opening for demons and other spiritual creatures to enter into your home, and by opening the page, you are giving consent for that influence, this is a real danger on wiccan/witchcraft sites.

RPG’s: probably the most dangerous form of game but the least spoken about are physical RPG’s how it functions is you play out a character in real life that you create through a book, the problem is the real life concepts that are integrated into this type of game, the types of soul attachments and the general danger of playing it.

dangers: People have died playing, committed murder, suicide while playing it. I don’t know what the problem is but it seems to affect people more than any other kind of media, it teaches direct witchcraft and concepts such as portals, soul ties, various spiritual creatures.

examples: RIFTS, Dungeons and Dragons

Affects: Because you are applying physical reaction, behavior changes, and mental changes purposefully. You actually start to think like your character, behave like your character. It is the purposeful alteration of yourself so it does have long term affects. As you apply the concepts used by the character, you are mentally applying your own thought processes to the subject. This creates a regularity in the behavior and interaction with the concepts. A desensitization of the concepts take place. And in turn a desire to experiment with the concepts in real life usually occurs..this leads to sometimes tragic results and kids find out they can open portals, summon demons ect..

Books: Books are one of the oldest forms of media, along with music, it affects your brains creativity processes. Again demonically influenced books open doors, create curiosity and encourage experimentation creates soul ties, and affect how the brain functions..

dangers: Manga, I used to be a huge Manga fan, although I knew it was wrong, because of the influence behind it. I couldn’t get enough of it, but this is the spirit of the east. This type of book is riddled with demonic influence, I know so many people personally who have come under some seriously dangerous bondage from reading anime. From witchcraft, vampirism to direct demonic influence such as Alchemy, divination, they teach you that.

examples: Full Metal Alchemist, Harry Potter, Twilight,

Movies: One of the most popular media’s in today’s society. Again it affects our Brian in the same way as a video game, you are what you eat, if your constantly watching horror movies, you will have a darker perspective than someone who watches happy feet.

dangers: It affects our perceptions and mood, If we constantly feed ourselves movies on death and destruction, it becomes apart of us. Our view of the world is affected, view of ourselves, our view of others is affected.

examples: apocalypse now, Vantage point, Spawn, various animes, Hell boy

Affects: Like it or not movies create a perception within ourselves regarding a particular subject. When a subject is discussed that we have no prior knowledge of like global warming or political viewpoints we are fed a particular view through the movie, now because we have no contradictory information our minds process it as truths, you aren’t really questioning it as you saw it in a movie are you? If you aren’t questioning the information it becomes like fact to you. This leads to misleading understandings..and false perceptions.

Subliminal messaging: Is the act of placing images or words within a media in such as way to not make them noticeable to the naked eye or ear without strain, but fully visible to the brain. It creates a break in the normal flow of the processing of information you are taking in from the media..this break is studied more by the brain, and affects a person in an unconscious level. There is no way to consciously combat it, or question it creating the perfect method of altering belief structure, altering desires, altering behavioral patterns etc..

Although this method is under strict guideline and is mostly illegal in mass media, it’s effectiveness can be seen in various medical applications, from stop smoking help, to helping you lose weight.

Subliminal messaging is still used in media today! Just in another format more noticed, in demonic symbolism that riddles our media now, in the subtle belief or “points” a movie, music, video game is trying to make.

Desensitization: Is the process of taking an uncomfortable subject matter and repeating it over and over in various medias to create a slow but progressive break down of the discomfort.

This can be seen in the forfront in the progressiveness of the pornography industry. If you look how it’s progressed you can see how desensitization is implemented and it’s affects on society.

It started as people in their underwear, than it is naked people touching, than it was intercourse, than it started to get vulgar. Now it’s smut.

At the same time it was being implemented into Daytime TV, from it being taboo to see a man and woman kiss on public TV to today, I saw full blown sex on daytime TV, a public show.

Now if you look at how it’s progressed and understand that taboo subjects aren’t handled mentally in the same manner as other subjects. It starts off as more regulated by ourselves, but if the subject reaches the point of acceptance, people tend to have trouble drawing a permanent line. It just slowly progresses farther and farther from it’s original intended threshold, desensitization is a slow process, but it has no limits on how far it can take you.

indoctrination: Is the process of teaching a particular subject without offering a contradictory doctrine. Basically when our brains processes data if contradictory information isn’t offered, instead the same view, belief, or fact, is repeated in various mediums you are left with the unopposed subject as factual, when in fact often times it’s opinionated or based on inconclusive evidence.

Indoctrination is a very effective dangerous method of mind control. It only takes 1 generation to completely indoctrinate the majority of a population. It creates fanatical follows to doctrines, creates a breeding ground for dangerous beliefs and behaviors to be implemented.

psychological redirection: Is a term I use to described this next form of mind control. It is the redirection of society as a whole through the implementation of slow progressive ideals, theologies, belief structures, directing society as whole in a direction carefully selected through the various kinds of media they are exposed to, And the control of ideas, beliefs and facts the media presents to the public to consume.

This is a concept that has come up often in modern society, basically it is the control of the populations beliefs through the implementation and presentation of other beliefs through multiple sources, multiple medias and banning of other contradictory ideas presented in the media. This is a subtle progression of the altered belief structures, ideals, values, and factual beliefs.

A belief is presented to the public while any media presenting a contradictory view is banned, as time progresses more and more radical versions of the idea are presented unopposed, or poor contradictions are presented to make the watcher believe they are receiving a valid rebuttal, that is no match for the idea that was presented.

The concept is then taken as the norm. It is the only belief they are exposed to, this works in conjunction with other ideas beliefs, ideas and theologies, to create an illusion of factual evidence. It is a science, you add a news report of an attack by radicalized Muslims with a movie of doomsday and an advert to join the military what do you conclude? War correct? The attack of the radicalized Muslims works with the advert of joining the military, you come to the conclusion that you will be fighting Radicalized Muslims should you join the military, and the movie of Doomsday sets a mood that affects how you respond to the subject, a feeling of dread. This affects your opinion of the subject. So it’s multiple ideas that are presented through the media at certain times that create a desired response to the subject present at the right moment.

This is carefully calculated, the placement of ideas. When and how you are exposed to an idea, how often is carefully calculated. And in doing so moves society as whole in the direction desired, I call this psychological redirection. You can take a subject that is complete contradiction to the accept idea of the day and change it to the complete opposing idea within 2 or 3 generations.

Choosing an influence: There are two main influences in this world, the ever changing worlds belief structure. And Gods never changing belief structure. All other influences branch from those two structures. Mans influence is often riddled with Demonic, invited even. This is what’s called the spirit of the world. We are told to choose Gods never changing influence over the spirit of the world and called to overcome the spirit of the world. From what you just read it’s a challenge isn’t it?