General Helpful lessons


Working in this field is dangerous, do not attempt unless the need is dire or your relationship with the lord is strong enough for you to stand for the lord in the face of attack. Remember “If you tramp on the devils tail he’ll swipe at you.”


A balanced diet is very important in this ministry. Just as a new christian you had to learn to balance your secular and spiritual life, so is it working in this ministry, you need to learn balance between the study of the demonic and Gods word. You cannot study the demonic from a humanistic perspective, you must always look at it from a Godly perspective in light of the scripture. What does the scripture say about this subject? If it’s not in the scriptures, How would this situation or subject look from Gods perspective?

Those following lessons are to help you maintain balance as you study. If you need to take breaks to simply meditate on the word instead of the demonic do so. NEVER sacrifice your souls and spirits health and standing with God for any study or subject. If you feel it’s becoming too much it’s very important to take a break and read some scripture, directly from the word, or an article from this book, depending on your mood.

If you neglect your spiritual health you could wind up like alot of people involved in the deliverance field. Working for the kingdom of Satan instead of God. This is because of the concept “you are what you eat.” As deliverance ministers we have to know what we’re combating. But to simply study the demonic and nothing more is dangerous. It leaves you open for misguidance and misconception. It destroys your relationship with God and Christ and will leave you open for manipulation and attack.

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